Tips to save ammo in RE4 Remake

The amount of ammo in RE4 Remake is not much, unless you play easy mode, then there is a bit more ammo for you to use. As for medium mode and especially hard mode, it will require you to save as much ammo as possible.

Luckily, RE4 Remake allows players to use a number of other ways to kill zombies. So many times you will not need to shoot to kill zombies. Here are a few ways you can save money and still kill zombies in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Ammunition source obtained from Resident Evil 4 Remake

  • Barrel
  • Small square box
  • Smaller bins on shelves
  • Low cabinet
  • Cabinet drawers
  • Glass cabinets can break
  • Types of jars
  • Small pot on shelf
  • Suitcase on shelf
  • Lockers
  • Metal bin on the wall

These will be hidden ammo sources that you can find throughout the game. Additionally, bullets can come from corpses so don't ignore them.

Top guns strongest gun RE4 Remake

Use your feet

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Everyone has seen that dealing with enemies in RE4 Remake requires aiming for the head. Although the latter only stuns your enemies, once they are stunned, you can kick them to finish them off.

If you can kick from behind, the kick will deal additional damage. In addition, the wide range of the kick will help you deal damage to 2-3 enemies at the same time. Besides, you can also receive suggestions to deal damage to the enemy's feet.

Bolt Thrower

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When you start Chapter 2, you will approach the Merchant, this is a character who will sell you weapons and blood, and he will also buy from you what you have. One of the weapons you can buy is the Bolt Thrower.

It is a crossbow. When you start chapter 3, it will be discounted by the merchant. The reason it's on this list is because you can get bullets fired from your dead enemies back. Although the disadvantage is that it is quite slow to load and can only fire 1 shot, and it does not cause as much damage as later weapons, but you can combine it with Leon's thunder kick when it stuns the opponent. Quite effective defense.

Act stealthily

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In the original RE4, players were limited in what they could do in the game when approaching nearby enemies. RE4 Remake is different, as Leon can now sneak up behind the opponent without being detected, stabbing the opponent in the neck with his knife. This is the way most players should apply when first entering the game.

But being sneaky is not always effective, especially when confronting crowds. Whether they huddle together or stand far apart, the odds of you killing them all by acting stealthily are quite low.

If you haven't been spotted yet, crouch, hide and you'll probably be able to kill a few guys before being discovered by the rest of them. Even in combat, if your enemy is stunned, distracted, or catches Ashley, you can shoot or stab, which will help you block bullets.

Upgrade damage

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The decision to upgrade to increase damage is up to you, but a gun with increased damage will definitely save more ammo than a gun whose damage has not been increased. It should take 3 shots to kill 1 enemy, but when you increase the damage, it only takes 1 shot.

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This means you don't need to spend a lot of effort making bullets from guns that use magnum bullets. Even pistols and rifles can take down enemies with plenty of ammunition.

Making bullets

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Of course, scavenging around the map is the main thing you can collect ammo in RE4 Remake. But don't forget to pick up Gunpower and other materials to make bullets.

You can get these materials while collecting items from corpses or crates. You also need to note that you should expand your suitcase to accommodate additional ammunition accessories. Suitcase keychains also help increase the drop rate of bullets or gunpowder to make bullets. The merchant will also give you recipes to help you make bullets and they are very cheap. And you can exchange Spinel for Gunpowder but this is not recommended.

Use flash pomegranate

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Some enemies often show strange signs of parasitic infection when you start the 2nd or 3rd Chapter onwards. They were shot in the head, lost their heads, but suddenly they struggled and stood up, their heads were replaced by hideous tentacles or tentacles.

When they are struggling to get up, you may see a knife icon, then go up and stab them once and it all ends there. If they stand up and grow tentacles out of their heads, then things will be much more difficult. At this time, you can use Flashbang (stun grenade) to finish them off quickly. Many people may not know, stun grenades can destroy 3-4 transformed enemies at once, helping you save a lot of money. bullet.

Buy guns with bullets and then resell them

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In the original, you could upgrade the default weapon at the merchant to fill that weapon's ammo. But in RE4 Remake, you cannot do that, and you also cannot remove bullets from old guns you want to sell.

You can only send them to the inventory or sell them with the remaining bullets in the gun. The price of buying a gun will be higher than the price you bought it at, so the trick of buying a gun for bullets and then reselling that gun to the merchant is not feasible.

Keep the weapon you want to find ammo in your inventory

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There is a fact that few people know in RE4 Remake that if you do not carry the weapon you want to collect bullets for, the rate of that gun's bullets appearing will also be lower. Many people think that if they run out of bullets, they put the gun in their inventory and then loot until it's full of bullets, then take the gun out and put more bullets in to use.

This is completely wrong, you will not find the type of ammunition for that gun if you do not carry it with you. Although you may have the recipe for that gun's bullets.

Check the map regularly

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In many boss fights and large numbers of enemies, there will be ammo hidden around the perimeter of the boss fight area and you should run around and collect all the ammo you need for your gun.

On the map, there will be some areas highlighted and they will also be noted on the map and they will be displayed in detail on each floor. So it's best to check the marked areas, they will be there to let you know.

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