Latest Valorant codes and how to enter

Usually Giftcodes will only appear in MMORPG mobile games. Recently you have seen many game titles appear with codes such as FF code, Phong Khoi Truong An code, Tru Tien Thanh Van Chi code, Lien Minh Sieu Qua code, Tan OMG3Q code, Danh Tuong 3Q code…

Or else, it will appear more in Roblox games like Nok Piece, Blox Fruits, My Hero Mania, All Star Tower Defense…

But rarely does a PC game like Valorant have giftcodes for gamers. However, Valorant has gift codes for new players from Fanpage. There are both direct donation support codes and codes that can be obtained from events. Below are the latest Valorant codes and how to enter them.

Latest Valorant Code and how to enter

  • YTILAUD (expires June 2)

Step 1: Visit the cdoe import link below and choose to log in if you already have a Riot Games account playing Valorant before.

Link to enter Valorant code

code valorant

Log in to your Valorant account.

code valorant

Click Authority.

code valorant

Then enter one of the codes above and click Confirm.

code valorant

The message Redeem code successfully appears that you have successfully redeemed the Valorant code. The gift will be sent to your inventory by the system within 24-48 hours.

code valorant

Like many codes in other games, there will be unlimited codes and there will be codes with time and entry limits. For example, with code YTILAUD Above, you will have time to expire on June 2, so please regularly update information about the Valorant code list in this article to receive gifts from the giftcode in time.

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