CS 1.6 commands, full CS 1.6 cheats

Similar to CS 1.1 cheats and CSGO cheats, Counter Strike 1.6 also has codes for players to influence the server or characters in the game.

There are not too many differences between the command codes in Counter Strike versions. The only difference is that this version has codes that the other version does not have. Below is the cheat, code CS 1.6.

Counter Strike 1.6 SV code

cs1.6 command

Cheat codes Uses
sv_cheat 1 Start cheat code mode. Allows you to enter codes that interfere with the match such as asking for money, chasing bullets, targeting…
sv_aim 1/0 Sighting is easier with aiming guns. Allows the gun to automatically aim at enemies within a certain range.
sv_accelerate 5 Bunny is easier and accelerates faster.
sv_airaccelerate -9999 Command to apparate, jump up and press the movement keys and you will move to other areas more quickly.
sv_waterraccelerate Increase movement speed underwater, combined with the “;” key. to swim.
sv_airmove 10 Adjust air speed.
sv_restart 1 Restart the game, apply to the server.
sv_stepsize 999999 Wall climb command, you can set it to 0 to return to normal.
sv_skycolor r 9 Change character color to red when outdoors.
sv_skycolor r 99 Same as the code above, but adjusted to a different color.
sv_skycolor r 999 Same as the code above, but adjusted to a different color.
sv_skycolor bl 9 Adjust character color to blue when outdoors.
sv_skycolor bl 99 Same as the code above, but adjusted to a different color.
sv_skycolor bl 999 Same as the code above, but adjusted to a different color.
sv_skycolor gre 9 Change character color to green when outdoors.
sv_skycolor gre 99 Same as the code above, but adjusted to a different color.
sv_skycolor gre 999 Same as the code above, but adjusted to a different color.
sv_friction 999999 The code moves fast for 4 seconds, then returns to normal speed.
sv_waterfriction 1 Increases underwater movement speed.

sv_restartround 1

Restart the server, all metrics are basically set.
sv_spectatormaxspeed Adjust the speed of walking around the map, applicable to spectators – people with dead roles or not yet in a team.
sv_stopspeed Stop immediately, without losing momentum.
sv_maxspeed Increase movement speed to maximum.
sv_sendvelocity 0 The code helps improve game quality for weak configuration devices to avoid lag.
sv_password Set up a password for the Counter Strike server.
sv_timeout 60/0 Within 60 seconds, all players in the same room will be activated.
sv_lan 1 Allows LAN connection in the same system.
sv_gravity (-999 to 9999) The flying code, the smaller the index, the higher it flies. More precisely, this is the gravity code, when the force reaches 0 you will always float in the sky. The normal level is 800.
sv_clienttrace 1 Bullets chase, you just need to raise your gun in the air and shoot to kill.
sv_failuretime 0.5 Adjust the time limit when entering a new round.
sv_challengetime 15 Increase playing time per game in Counter Strike.
sv_zmax 4096/00 See through walls when set to 3D mode.
sv_maxvelocity 2000 Helps move faster.

Command code CS 1.6 first MP

Cheat codes Uses
mp_startmoney 800-16000 Set the amount of money for the character, you will have a starting amount of money from 800$ to a maximum of 16,000$ depending on the amount you write in the command.
mp_logdetail 1 Helps you distinguish between us and the enemy. If it is an enemy, when shooting, a red dot will appear on the hot gun and vice versa.
mp_fadetoblack 1 Do not allow scanning of survivors, avoid scanning for teammates.
mp_buytime 1.5 Set the time to buy items to avoid being at a bomb dealer, 1.5 corresponds to 90 seconds.
mp_winlimit 0 Set the number of wins in each game, whichever team sets the first number of wins wins.
mp_limitteams 2 Adjusted the number of players allowed to participate on each side.
mp_autokick 1 Auto activates players with poor network quality and low configuration causing lag.
mp_autoteambalance 1 Automatically balance the number of players in each team.
mp_chasecam 1 Adjusted teammate tracking mode after death.
mp_c4timer 45 Set C4 explosion time on bomb mode maps from 45 to 90 seconds.
mp_freezetime 6 Set the freeze time at the beginning of the round.
mp_roundtime 5 Adjust the time in each round, if set to 5, it means 5 minutes for each level.
mp_friendlyfire 0 Allows causing damage to allies, if intentionally will be triggered, 0 is disabled and 1 is activated.
mp_timelimit 4 The maximum time of each game, bet 4 is 4 minutes.
mp_maxrounds 10 Set the number of rounds for each game network creation.
mp_footsteps 1 Set the sound for footsteps, you can hear it depending on the distance.
mp_flashlight 0/1 Turn on/off flashlight mode
mp_hostagepenalty 1/0 Enable/disable money deduction mode when you shoot and kill hostages, effective for all players.
mp_logmessages 0/1 Turn off chat when dead.
mp_forcechasecam 0/1/2 You can only see your teammates when they are dead.
mp_chattime 10 Set chat time limits between gamers.
mp_weaponstay 0/1 Full ammo when picking up a weapon
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Command code CS 1.6 early CL

cs1.6 command

Cheat codes Uses
cl_observercrosshair 0/1 Turn on/off Crosshair mode.
cl_hidefrags 1 Hide/show Kill/Death indicators or press Tab.
cl_gg Enable/disable gaube game mode
cl_himodels 0/1 Turn on/off Higher Models view.
cl_yawspeed 210 Code moves quickly in the game.
cl_upspeed 320 Escalate faster.
cl_movespeedkey 0.3 Adjust key sensitivity.
cl_anglespeedkey 0.67 Increase key command reception
cl_gratestimation 1 Increase the sound of footsteps.
cl_sidespeed x Set faster cross movement speed.
cl_forwardspeed x Set the movement speed to faster.
cl_backwardspeed x Set faster backward movement speed.

Some bind code

cs1.6 command

Command code Uses
Bind E “setinfo lefthand 1” Switch the gun to your left hand, press the E key to turn it on and off.
Bind R “setinfo lefthand 0” Switch gun to right hand.
Bind Q “menuselect x”, x=1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8 Buying is very fast with just one key, here is the Q key and you can change to other keys.
Bind i “crosshair 0” Turn off and on Crosshair mode.
Bind p “gl_zmax 0/1460” See through walls in 3D mode
Bind e”chooseteam;buy menuselect 6;buy menuselect 1″ Die and come back to life after 5 seconds.

Above are some CS 1.6 codes that you can apply in some cases. For example, you can use some commands that affect the character when shooting with Bots, and commands that have a general effect you can use when shooting online.

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