List of the best weapons in Call of Duty Warzone 2

Warzone 2 has been out for a while now and offers players something overwhelming. For those who love Battle Royale, weapons are something that must be carefully chosen according to their playing style in the game. PC games current shooting.

Some weapons are simple and everyone can use them right from the beginning, even if they have never played Battle Royale or Warzone once. Below is a list of some of the easiest weapons to play in Warzone that you can refer to when starting out.

Assault Rifle – The best assault rifle in Warzone 2: M4

best guns warzone

The M4 is a popular assault rifle that all players can start using as soon as they set foot in Warzone 2 for the first time. The rate of fire is fast, mobile and stable, not to mention that when upgraded, it can be superior in many aspects.

However, the M4's operating range only stops at mid-range. With damage range and additional accessories, it can reduce recoil, increase accuracy, number of bullets, silencer, etc. Helps you use it more easily.

This is also an AR that is easier to handle than other ARs, so those who are just starting out should choose the M4 as their standard weapon.

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Battle Rifle – Best Battle Rifle Warzone 2: FTAC Recon

Battle Rifle – The battle rifle is a weapon similar to the AR but has a lower rate of fire than the M4. In return, the damage will be quite high, you only need a few shots to hit the target to defeat your opponent. If your enemy has armor, it will only take 4-5 shots to kill.

Warzone's best guns

Of course, if you win one, you lose the other. Although FTAC Recon has dream damage, its stability is poor. It requires players to have good control over its accuracy as the recoil is quite high.

FTAC Recon's most necessary accessories are recoil-reducing items, along with an extended magazine because FTAC Recon's default ammo count is quite low. As long as you get the range right and each shot accurate, this will be an extremely delicious product.

Warzone's best guns

Marksman Rifle – Best Warzone 2 Marksman Rifle: M14 EBR

Warzone's best guns

The M14 EBR appeared in the early season one meta as an excellent mid-range marksman rifle that could wipe out teams with ease at mid and close range.

Similar to FTAC Recon but with longer range and greater accuracy. M14 EBR completely defeats enemies with high damage from 2-3 shots. Additionally, with the right accessories to limit recoil, it is relatively easy to control and you can shoot it consistently compared to other marksman rifles out there.

This is definitely a gun that is not very friendly to beginners, but it is worth experiencing its power.

Sniper gun – Best Sniper Warzone 2: Signal 50

Sniper is not very popular with gamers in Warzone 2 compared to previous Battle Royale games. But the Signal 50 can still deal deadly damage and is the most advantageous weapon over super long distances.

Warzone's best guns

With attachments that help reduce the rate of fire and increase the aiming range, those who are passionate about the Sniper genre will really find this a “picked up” item online. There may be some situations where the Signal 50 will not kill a fully armed person, but no gun will perform better than the Signal 50 in a variety of situations.

Warzone's best guns

Warzone 2 best SMG: Fennec

Fennec is one of the guns with the fastest fire rate in Warzone 2, but the damage is quite low. So accompanying accessories are indispensable if you want it to be effective.

Warzone's best guns

What the Fennec has that BR, Sniper or MR guns don't have is good use at close range. You can use it effectively even in a cramped house.

Warzone's best guns

When using the Fennec, you must have an accessory that is an extended magazine. Equip a large box of ammo so you can use it continuously if you encounter many enemies. As well as accessories that help Fennec reduce his recoil.

LMG – Warzone 2's best light machine gun: 556 Icarus

LMGs have become quite prominent in Warzone 2, thanks to their quick kill times. For the LMG gun line, the 556 Icarus is currently the best weapon in this gun line, causing great damage, lots of default bullets and can overwhelm opponents in all cases.

Warzone's best guns

Of course, it also has weaknesses such as being heavy and not as mobile as the AR or SMG lines. You also need recoil-reducing accessories to stabilize it more. Just like that, Icarus will become an extremely accurate machine gun that can take down many opponents at the same time.

Best Warzone 2 Shotgun: Bryson 800

Al Mazrah has countless buildings and close range combat. Unlike Caldera, where Pistol or Shotgun users are left alone. With Al Mazrah, players can now use the best short-range weapons.

Warzone's best guns

Turn your Bryson 800 into a compact Shotgun, give it enough accessories to run and shoot accurately, and only use it when enemies come close to you. It will work best

Warzone's best guns

Pistol – Best Warzone 2 Pistol: P890

Not only in Warzone 2 but even with many other shooting games. Spending time with pistols only happens at the beginning of the game or when you have no other choice. However, the P890 is an option that can last you until the end, especially if you have the right attachments for it.

Warzone's best guns

It is recommended that you use the Akimbo P890, as well as other “accessories” to help speed up shooting and increase its accuracy. If it's enough, you will definitely be surprised at the quality of the P890.

Best Rocket Gun Warzone 2: RPG

If you just like taking down enemy vehicles or just people who like to sit in buildings, we recommend RPG. It has the appeal to help you keep a slot in your inventory.

The RPG's versatility can make it an extremely useful item to use occasionally. Don't try to pull it out during direct confrontation, especially in tight spaces, you can also be affected by RPG damage.

Warzone's best guns

Those are the options that are considered the best in Warzone 2 currently. If you want to look for something when you first enter Warzone 2, choose 2 of the weapons on the list here to try. okay?

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