The best weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake are now much more diverse, with many types of guns suitable for many people's playing styles. There are many guns that have high damage but are slow, on the contrary, there are guns that can fire continuously but have weak damage.

Even knives can cause strong damage, they can attack villagers effectively but you have to get close enough to them and take advantage of their stun from the shots.

Regardless, your main weapons are still guns. If you are preparing to confront the forces of evil villagers and bosses, please refer to the list of guns in Resident Evil 4 Remake below.


best addition re 4 remake

The pistol you're given right when you enter the game in Resident Evil 4 Remake is pretty good, but sometimes you just need a gun with much more damage and efficiency. Red9 is a fitting name, a pistol with incredible power.

It is equipped with many accessories, so when possible, immediately attach accessories to reduce recoil and increase accuracy on the gun. This will overcome its biggest drawback which is recoil.

However, what's really important for Red9 is its ultimate upgrade, which takes this gun's damage to the next level. Handgun bullets are abundant in Resident Evil 4 Remake and are the easiest to craft.

So when you focus on Red9, you can have a steady source of damage against all threats in the game. Even when facing a crowd of zombies, you can still take them all down if you have enough ammo. If you get the Red9, you just need to invest in it and get a great weapon to use in many situations. You can get it from the shipwreck in the middle of the lake.

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Broken Butterfly

re4 remake

Broken Butterfly is a victim of Resident Evil 4 Remake which focuses more on grid waves. The accuracy of Broken Butterfly in the original RE 4 will now depend on whether you stand still and fire each shot accurately.

Obviously this is a tough gun, but its advantage is of course that it will destroy everything quickly. And its damage, even without any upgrades, can quickly destroy mid-range bosses.

Its disadvantage is that ammo is relatively scarce, you can upgrade its upgrades when you have plenty. Although it can be purchased at a relatively low price from the merchant, if you craft a lot of ammo you will find that it is worth carrying.

However, you should still carry another mobile gun, such as the Red9 above to use in more appropriate times.


Best addition RE4 Remake

The original Resident Evil 4 had a clear answer to the question of which is the best and most powerful shotgun – Broken Butterfly. This gun from the original to the remake is still the most powerful gun.

But it's simple and has no accessories, so Killer7 is an alternative name. Although it doesn't deal as much damage as Broken Butterfly, Killer7 has a laser sight by default, and bullets also penetrate better.

Ammo obtained from this gun is also quite rare, Killer7 appears late so you can accumulate some ammo for it until you find it at the end of the game.

Bolt thrower

The Bolt Thrower has an advantage over other shooting weapons in that it can pick up bullets from enemies for reuse. Its damage is high and the price is not very high, its disadvantage is only poor mobility and you have to reload after each shot. You should only use Bolt Thoer alongside other mobility weapons.

re4 remake

Riot Gun

gun re4 remake

There are only 4 types of Shotguns in RE 4 Remake, there are some reviews about which shotgun is the best in RE4. And the best choice is probably the Riot Gun (of course not made by Riot).

This shotgun is more accurate than the original shotguns in the game. The damage is also higher than the shotguns at the beginning of the game. The W-870 is a suitable choice at the beginning of the game, but you should replace it if you find a Riot Gun.

As for the last shotgun, the Stryker, that's not a bad choice either since it doesn't require an exclusive skill. But the attack range and damage, accuracy at close range is quite good.


best gun re4 remake

Although the LE5 is an SMG, it can penetrate armor the same way the Punisher can. If upgraded, it can shoot through up to 5 enemies just like a rifle.

That is the factor that LE5 is valued for, with an SMG gun with a large magazine and when combined with these factors when it is quite powerful. You can find LE5 in the store or find it in the recreation area on the island. It's located in a locked room next to the Freezer, you need to solve the puzzle to get inside and get LE5.


There are only two official SMGs in RE 4 Remake, you can see the TMP quite early. While you can only find the LE5 SMG when you complete halfway in the game. If you are looking to invest money in this gun, you can spend money on it. TMP's damage is not great and its accuracy is only quite good. So they are only for weak enemies.

best gun resident evil 4 remake

Like many other weapons, when fully upgraded, it will become quite powerful. But usually they are only fully upgraded until the end of the game, few players upgrade them when they have a lot of money, because they also save money for other weapons.


You'll soon find your first rifle in the Resident Evil 4 remake, the first time you meet the merchant. Immediately buy that original rifle from him, along with the scope he promoted to you upon purchase. You don't need to upgrade it, but it will be extremely useful throughout the chapters in the game.

best gun re 4 remake

The SR M1903 is not the best rifle in the game (although it does the most damage). The title of best goes to the Stingray, an automatic sniper rifle available from the merchant in the castle.

Although the damage is not as high as the SR M1903, the ability to fire multiple shots consecutively with a scope is very important. Mainly in the middle and late parts of the game.

Note that there is another AR gun in the game that is quite effective – CQBR. This AR is fully automatic, in contrast to other previous guns, but because rifle ammo is very limited in RE4 and CQBR has a fast rate of fire, it can only be used in certain situations, such as such as relief.

CQBR Assault Rifle

gun re4 remake

Although this AR CQBR can shoot at long range, the recoil makes it quite difficult to control at this distance. So the most reasonable thing is to use this AR gun at close range. There are quite a few normal enemies that survive a single shot from a rifle.

Because of its fast rate of fire, the CQBR can run out of ammo in a few seconds if you empty the magazine, but in terms of dealing damage to enemies, it beats most other guns in the game. Even when you are cornered by the crowd, CQBR can still help you break free. To get CQBR, go to the library and open the Square Lock Box in chapter 10 to get it.

Rocket Launcher

strongest gun re 4 remake

For those unfamiliar with how to play Resident Evil, you may not know that the RPG specializes in killing bosses, or at least it takes you to the later stages of the fight.

You can buy Rocket Launcher from the merchant, using the w/Rocket Launcher command reduces the cost by 20%. When joining the new game, you can buy Infinite Rocket Launcher for 2 million patas and the good news is that the 20% discount voucher also applies to this product.

Primal Knife

The best re4 remake

Even though it doesn't use bullets, the Knife is definitely the most important weapon not only in Resident Evil 4 Remake but also in other RE versions. It may not be flashy or explosive, but it certainly helps you save ammo and escape sieges.

The knife's limitations mean it can break, and you'll need to get it repaired at the merchant's shop. If you shoot all of the Castellan Clockwork statues you will receive the Primal Knife, which has an exclusive upgrade so it will never break.

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