Cyberpunk 2077's 2.0 update will make the game a new game

Cyberpunk 2077's first and possibly only content expansion update could be coming next month. But players will likely have more than that.

Introducing expanded features and Update 2.0

Next month, Cyberpunk 2077's first and only expansion will officially release. Arguably more important, however, is the arrival of “Update 2.0” along with the expansion.

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CD Projekt Red has been discussing how they're working to improve the skill system, armor system, and police AI in the 2020 RPG since Summer Game Fest. However, the “Opening Night Live” livestream gave gamers their first look at Update 2.0, as well as what's new in the Phantom Liberty expansion.

Important changes in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2.0

One of the biggest changes in Cyberpunk 2077 is the skill system, which will have new benefits to complement play styles that replace the old small percentage upgrades.
We saw new introductions to the skill tree in the trailer: bulletproof skill for katana (very useful if you've ever tried playing blade style), new skill for melee weapons, new skill for can slide while in the air, an ability that allows you to push corpses down in the air, and a cool revolver skill similar to Cassidy's Deadeye skill.

Cyberpunk 2.0

New skills and “Relic” system

Cyberpunk 2.0

Many new features and amenities will be integrated into Cyberpunk's original features, distinct from new “Relic” skill trees available only to Phantom Liberty owners. They seem powerful, with the Mantis Blades upgrade allowing you to jump towards your target like a Hunter in Left 4 Dead or the Gorilla Arms that help awaken the creator's fire god.

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Cyberpunk 2.0

Improved vehicles

Cyberpunk 2.0

There are also other changes that make old missions feel new. The 2.0 update also adds car combat, which actually implies a few different things: V can now use guns while driving, hacking other cars a la Watch Dogs to make them go out of control. controlled and some of the cars were actually armed with guns.

Cyberpunk 2.0

As an alternative to the car chase, the new improved NCPD artificial intelligence will give chase, set up a traffic stop, and attempt to ram V off the road. CDPR has come a long way from sudden attacks by jumping police.

While the Update 2.0 improvements sound exciting, many players don't think they'll start their third playthrough without the Phantom Liberty expansion in their system. Players can access the Phantom Liberty content around midway through the main storyline. Don't go any further than that before reaching Dogtown, as CDPR says that's where you'll find “new items, weapons, computer technology and more.”

Cyberpunk 2.0

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