Latest Last Pirates code January 18, 2024 and how to enter the code

Roblox has quite a few games inspired by the One Piece anime series and other anime series. The most typical of which are Nok Piece, Blox Fruit, Grand Piece Online, Anime Run Beta, Project One Piece…

Surely this is an attraction for many Roblox gamers and One Piece fans. Therefore, developers all use One Piece as the theme of their games.

Last Pirates is also a game inspired by One Piece. When gamers participate in the game, they will possess devil fruit abilities. Which is a characteristic of One Piece.

Like Roblox players, you also need to add code to make it easier to start the game. If you are looking for Last Pirates codes, please take a look at the list of Last Pirates codes below.

Last Pirates code and how to enter

The latest Last Pirates code currently available

  • FixBug — Stat Reset
  • BigUpdate — Get 5LP (Need to reach level 300 to enter this code)
  • NewWorld — Stat Reset
  • bleak — Get 50K Beli
  • KongPoop — Stat Reset

Old Last Pirates Code

  • SmolEsan – Get 10,000 Cash
  • XIEXIE – Get 10,000 Cash
  • 10MVisits – Get Cash
  • DIW_TW – Get Cash
  • 3MVisits – Get Cash
  • MIUMA – Get 20,000 cash
  • OatCasterCh – Get 10,000 cash
  • JZ GAMMING – Get 10,000 cash
  • MAOKUMA – Get 10,000 cash
  • KINGNONKD – Get 1,000 cash
  • WHITEKUNG – Receive 10,000 cash
  • UPDATE!! – Receive 20,000 cash
  • Rosaki – Get 10,000 Cash
  • snowman – Get free rewards
  • Saber
  • Katana
  • Bisento
  • Bisentov2
  • Yoru
  • Cathunt
  • 10KVisit
  • 25KVisit
  • Vezxter
  • HxW
  • UPDATE2 —Review to reset index (New)
  • 5Chiba — Exchange for 20k cash (New)
  • TECHO — Exchange for 5 LP (New)
  • Greed — Exchange for 10 LP
  • Update! — Exchange for 5 LP
  • OPZTV ​​— Exchange for 5 LP
  • Checkmate —Change to reset index
  • Code — Exchange to get 25k money
  • LPLOVER — Exchange for 10 LP [(Yêu cầu lv 300)
  • Snappy — Đổi để lấy 25k tiền mặt
  • Juan — Đổi để lấy 5 LP
  • NEOGAMING — Đổi để lấy 10 HeartGem
  • 111KFAV — Đổi để đặt lại chỉ số
  • FreeGem — Đổi để lấy 10 HeartGem
  • iSEN — Đổi để lấy 10 LP (Yêu cầu lv 300)
  • 100KFAV — Đổi để đặt lại chỉ số
  • Bleak_fat — Stat Reset
  • Event — Nhận 5 LP
  • Chxmei — Nhận 10k Beli
  • CarinaCaxtez — Nhận quà (Yêu cầu đạt 300 level)
  • PixelJoe — Stat reset
  • N4Animation — Nhận 30k Beli
  • Stranger — Redeem for a stat reset
  • SEAFOUR — Nhận quà (Yêu cầu đạt 300 level)
  • Ruriair — Nhận 20k Beli
  • Dream — Stat reset
  • Odyssey — Nhận 20k Beli
  • 10MVisits — Nhận cash
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How to enter Last Pirates code

Step 1: First select the hidden menu icon in the upper left corner as shown below.

code last pirate

Step 2: Select the familiar Twitter icon to open the code input box.

code last pirate

Step 3: Enter the valid Last Pirate codes above into the code entry box and select Redeem.

code last pirate

Step 4: If the code is still valid, you will see a notification that the code has been changed as shown below. The code that admin changed here is UPDATE2 and changed to reset the character's stats.

code last pirate

Why must I enter the Last Pirate code?

Last Pirate's codes are exchanged for money (Beli, LP) and many other things like resetting stats, heartgem… so you can go from a rookie to the most wanted pirate. Especially the stat reset code for those who have been playing for a long time and want to add up their stats.

What can the Last Pirate Code be redeemed for?

As mentioned above, they contain currencies such as LP, cash and Beli and codes to reset character stats. There are a few special codes that will require players to set a certain level to be able to redeem the code.

Where to get more Last Pirate codes?

Simply save this web page by pressing CTRL+D to save this web page if you are using Google Chrome or Coc Coc. Quantrimang will regularly update the Last Pirate code, so please check this website on your bookmarks bar and check every day.

Or join the game's Discord via the link below to follow the latest codes in the game.

code last pirate

Why can't the Last Pirate code be imported?

Some codes require the player to reach level 300, and if you have not reached this level then of course it is impossible for that code to work even though they are still on the valid list.

If you have met the conditions required by the code and are sure you have entered each character in the code correctly but still cannot, the code may have expired. If you encounter this situation, you can leave a comment below on which code has expired.

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