Counter Strike 2 upgrade points with CS GO

Counter-Strike 2 is currently attracting a lot of attention as the next upgraded version of Counter Strike Global Offensive. The upgraded element in this version is upgrading lighting and shadows. It is considered much brighter than the old version.

In addition, the game also has a number of new features and updates, all new features of CS 2 are still in the process of being upgraded and developed. May cause players to encounter errors during testing CS 2.

All new features of the game will be revealed when Counter Strike 2 officially launches this summer. From then until the game launches, you can experience the test version first.CS GO 2“, below are the changes between CS GO and CS 2.

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Changes to smoke bombs

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Smoke grenades now consist of flexible separate blocks that can interact with the environment, smoke now reacts to light, flare, and explosive force. In particular, the smoke has now been adjusted so that if you shoot into the smoke, the smoke will puncture a hole and slowly return to its original state.

Along with that is the use of Grenade (explosive grenade) to make the smoke disappear. That is the most notable point because Smoke is often used in CS GO to provide cover at many different fighting points.


Not only that, the smoke can also spread through windows and doors, up and down stairs or out into the hallway and mix with other types of smoke. At the same time, smoke will also change color based on light from the surrounding environment.



To explain a little for those who don't know, tick rate is an update between the server and connected computers. Tick ​​rate is the number of times information is updated per second, usually measured in hertz.

For example, a 64 tick server will update information 64 times a second. The tick rate can affect gameplay in any video game. The first-person shooter (FPS) genre is the most affected.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, two players will not be able to kill each other in the same tick, because the tick rate will be different.

The tick rate is most clearly displayed when you move and shoot. The larger the tick rate, the faster the processing speed to the server and the operations sent to the server will be processed faster, for example when you When you click the mouse, the character pulls the trigger. Or when you throw a bomb, the character's hand swings out but the bomb takes half a second to be thrown.

CS 1

Sub-tick rate will be the focus of Counter-Strike 2. Previously, the server only measured the in-game world according to a special period of time (called ticks). In CS 2, thanks to Counter-Strike 2's tick-tick updated architecture, the server now knows exactly when that movement begins, when bullets are fired, or grenades are thrown.

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So, regardless of the tickrate, your movement and shooting will be smooth and grenades will always be thrown in the same way.


The revised maps have also been completely revamped from the ground up, allowing for all the new tools and rendering features of the Source 2 engine to be taken advantage of.

These are maps that use Source 2's new interactive lighting capabilities, including a physically-based rendering system to produce realistic surfaces, lighting, and reflections.


Classic maps with a solid foundation that players can use to consider changing their gameplay from CS:GO to Counter-Strike 2. In addition to improvements in lighting and the ability to recognize characters on both sides, There are no other adjustments.

Game creators in the community will be able to use the Source 2 engine and some of its rendering features to easily build maps. Stay tuned for more on the Source 2 tool, which will release shortly in limited beta.

CS 1

The item will look more sparkling

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Your entire CS:GO inventory comes to Counter Strike 2. Not only will you keep your previously collected items, the entire thing will be transformed with the new lighting effects of the Source 2 engine.

In addition to supporting old skins and designs, non-skinned weapons will be upgraded with new designs. And some new weapon designs will make players feel like they are playing a new game, not an upgraded version.

Redesigned graphic effects

All visual effects are updated in Counter-Strike 2. With the lighting system and other small parts of Source 2, there are now completely new effects for water, explosions, fire, smoke , bullet sparks, projectiles, bullet wound effects, and more.

CS 1

The most important graphical aspects of gameplay have been redesigned to improve player understanding of the situation. Players can now easily see bullet wounds at long range, and blood splatters follow the direction of the shot (fading over time). Thanks to that, gamers can judge the fighting situation better.

Your character can now see his legs when crouching down. Experience refined effects, including explosives, fire, C4 bomb lighting effects and more. Leveraging Engine Source 2 and modern hardware, environmental effects in Counter Strike 2 will bring many improvements in realism and consistency.


The interface in Counter Strike 2 has been upgraded, including transparency effects when players open the console. These improvements not only make the game look better and more modern, but also let players know the current game states visually.

Innovative sound

The audio in Counter-Strike 2 has been refined to better reflect the physical environment, be clearer, and reflect the game state more accurately. The sounds have also been rebalanced to provide a more pleasant listening experience for players.

CS 2

The limited test only looks at a small group of new features in Counter-Strike 2. The goal is to iron out critical bugs before the summer. There are many interesting things ahead waiting for you. In just a few months, the developer will reveal all the upgrades with the most detailed information about CS 2.

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