How to get free diamonds. Great Battle of Beanstalks

Dai Chien Beans is a game that attracts attention because of its creative gameplay, players will combine plants together in a 3-row game style, and when combining enough fruits and vegetables, they will create anti-zombie warrior.

These warriors will fight off hordes of aggressive zombies that will rush in to destroy your home. But they will not have any effect on the tree warriors you have grafted.

The game will reward players with the Dai Chien Cay Bean code set, which will help players earn many different rewards. And diamonds are a currency that many players hunt for, you will receive quite a few diamonds in some of the ways to receive Beanstalk Great War diamonds below.

Some ways to get diamonds: Great Battle of the Beanstalk

Get free diamonds by watching ads

Select the menu to buy diamonds, gold coins and some other things, here not only diamonds but also other currencies and items you can buy. You will receive some free invitations to watch ads. Other packages will display money, select Free and watch ads to receive diamonds, gold coins…

Kim Cuong Dai Chien spicy pain

Receive rewards when completing tasks

In the mission completion bar, there will be specific reward milestones when you complete the levels. They will be in their available state if you have completed the mission at that level. Just click on the gift box, you will receive the gifts in that gift box. In this gift box, you will receive a certain number of diamonds.

How to get diamonds for long-term pain

The amount of diamonds may not be much, but if needed to complete your shopping goal, it is still a necessary amount of diamonds.

lay the diamond in the chien chien

Level up

When you level up, you will receive a corresponding reward, which may include a number of diamonds for you.

The pain of a diamond in a long battle

Complete the survey

When you reach a certain level, you will receive a survey. When you are asked to rate the app, rate the app according to the number of stars based on the level of satisfaction the game gives you.

The system will then provide you with a survey. After completing the survey, you will receive 200 diamonds.

Kim Cuong Dai Chien spicy pain

Fund features

This is a feature where you can receive free diamonds, Chapter Fund is a feature where you will receive diamonds and gold coins when completing clearing missions. Over time, you will receive a large amount of diamonds.

Kim Cuong Dai Chien spicy code

Kim Cuong Dai Chien spicy code


Perhaps this is how you can earn a large amount of diamonds just by watching ads. The number of diamonds received from here will gradually increase as you complete the tasks of the day. You can preview tasks to proactively choose to complete the easiest tasks first to get diamonds.

Kim Cuong Dai Chien spicy code

A lot of diamonds that you can get when completing daily tasks. In the daily rewards section, the diamond receiving sections are also very large. The amount of diamonds received per day will only require you to do simple tasks. Just log in or watch ads to receive diamonds.

Kim Cuong Dai Chien spicy pain

Complete the mission to kill the Boss

The reward for completing the Boss killing mission may not reward the player with diamonds. However, you will have a chest that you can only open by watching an ad in the game.

When this chest opens, you will receive a warrior card, gold coins, and diamonds. Although it does not appear often, if it does, the number of diamonds in here will be quite large.

How to lay diamonds for a long time

Maybe when you level up, you may unlock more missions containing more diamonds. But at the same time, your diamond spending will also be much higher than when you are at a low level.

So just by working hard, you will receive a large amount of diamonds enough for you to use for your purposes in the Great Beanstalk War. With easy mission milestones or surveys, you absolutely do not need to rely on the recharge feature but still have enough to meet the needs of the vegetable squad in the game.

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