Instructions on how to return to the Lien Quan moment

When playing Lien Quan, you will have beautiful moments when you are alone with 2 handicaps, 3 handicaps… This makes you want to share them with friends and other players. This article will help you record a moment or an entire match as quickly as possible.

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How to return to the moment of ecstasy in Lien Quan

To be able to use this mode, players need to follow these steps:

Step 1: At the main interface of the game, select Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Click Settings

Step 2: In the Settings section, select Shoot the match.

Select Record Match.

Step 3: Turn on the navigation key at the item Unlock moment spin.

In addition, you can turn on additional buttons HD recording for better video quality.

Turn on the navigation key in the Unlock moment recording section.

In addition to knowing how to record amazing moments in the match, you can also choose the mode Free recording, Recording… to record the entire match if the phone's memory capacity is large enough.

Step 4: After setting up as above, you can start playing the game and the system will automatically record your ecstatic moments.

At the end of the match, at the bottom right of the screen there will be video iconclick here and select Initialization Let the system create a video recording the match moment for you.

Create a moment video

Through this you can save videos to your device or share them directly on social networking platforms so that your friends can also watch excellent moments in your match.

Share your videos to your desired platform

In particular, to be able to have the most beautiful moments, what you need to do is understand how to play and master how to use the champion you have chosen. Therefore, you can refer to some of the articles below to understand the playing styles of different generals.

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How to review videos Lien Quan recorded

Review directly in the game

In case you want to review the video you recorded during the match, you can do as follows.

Step 1: Click on the item Setting.

Step 2: Select Shoot the match in section Setting.

Step 3: Scroll down, select item Watch video.

Scroll down, select Watch Video.

Here there will be Video moments yours, you can review or Share to the platforms you want.

In case the device memory is full, you can proceed to delete these videos via the button Erase.

Your videos are stored here

Review via Photo Folder

In addition to watching directly in the game, you can also access the Photos folder of your phone and review the videos saved to your device. This will help you watch videos more easily as well as edit videos before sharing with others.

Review videos through the Photos Folder

Some notes about video recording in Lien Quan

  • You can't fit Spin freely fit Spin the momentyou can only choose 1 of these 2 modes.
  • If your device receives the message The device is not supported and cannot use this feature, try using a lower version of Android. Because your operating system may not be optimized to record videos in Lien Quan.
  • You need to allow Lien Quan to access the video to be able to use this feature.
  • A few phone models may have sound recorded from the microphone.
  • Gaming data packages specifically for Lien Quan game will not apply to this feature. When using this feature, your traffic will be counted as usual.

Hopefully through this article, you can more easily record Lien Quan game videos and share your beautiful moments with your friends.

Update at 10:37 - 18/01/2024
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