Awesome Lien Quan Charm Drawing Event in January 2024

The monthly Awesome Charm Drawing event will help you receive unique outfits in Lien Quan Mobile. Through this article, we will learn more about this event.

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Details of the Great Charm Drawing event in January 2024

Event time: From May 3 to May 31, 2023.

Price: 20 military emblems/Awesome Charm paper

bua tuyet sac thang 5

During this month, players can receive one of the following items after casting a spell. Include:

List of items
Airi Costume – White Kiemono or 200 Sun Badges
Liliana Costume – Tan Nguyet Mi ly or 200 Sun Badges
Lauriel's outfit – Nebula Porcelain or 200 Sun Badges
Lu Bu – Robot Commander costume or 200 Sun Badges
Arum Costume – Dance of the Dragon and Tiger or 200 Sun Badges
Laville Costume – Satellite Radiant or 200 Sun Badges
Yorn Costume – Crown Prince of the Moon Clan or 200 Sun Badges
Krixi Costume – Beach Party or 200 Sun Badges
Thai Duong badge x200
Thai Duong badge x100
Thai Duong badge x30
Thai Duong badge x20
Thai Duong badge x10
Thai Duong badge x5
Thai Duong badge x4
Thai Duong badge x3
Champion chest of choice 1: Nakroth / Florentino / Celica / Yena / Roxie / Fennik / Murad / Quillen / Zuka / Diaochan / 4 treasure tickets
Costume chest, choose 1: Kahlii Golden Teacher / Future Flash / Zuka The Great Professor / Taara the Great Chief / Murad the Divine Sword / Red-bearded Captain Grakk / 10 treasure tickets
Costume chest choose 1: Paine Death Song / Mganga the Court Clown / Batman the Ocean Wings / Jinna the High Priest / Slimz the Miner Rabbit / Cresht the Cable Repairman / Baldum the Plumber / Keera the Strange Nurse / Elsu Mafia / 2 treasure tickets

As for the Thai Duong Badge, you can use it to exchange for many valuable costumes. Details can be found in the following article.

  • Lien Quan badge change event 1/2024

Instructions on how to participate in the Awesome Talisman Drawing event

To be able to participate in this event, players need to follow these steps.

Step 1: At the main interface of the game, select Shop section.

Select the Shop section

Step 2: In the Shop section, Select Treasure.

In the Store section, select Treasures.

Step 3: Next click section Drawing spells.

Click on Drawing spells.

Step 4: You can choose the mode Draw once or Draw 5 times when participating in the Excellent Charm Drawing event.

Proceed to draw the Awesome Charm

After drawing, your reward will immediately appear.

Rewards from the Excellent Charm

Ways to own Excellent Paper

There are many different ways you can own Excellent Papers, you can buy them or participate in events to collect them. Specifically.

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Buy Excellent Sac paper at the Shop

As mentioned above, Great Sac paper costs 20 military emblems. You can buy this type of paper in section Shop > Items > Deals > Gorgeous Rolling Paper > Buy.

Buy Great Sac paper with Quan Huy

You can save more military emblems by buying Excellent paper combos such as:

  • High Quality Excellent Paper Chest: 49 military emblems: Opportunity to receive 500 excellent charm papers. The ratio of 6 papers or more is 21%, 3 papers is 79%.
  • Excellent Paper Chest: 19 military emblems: Chance to receive 100 Excellent Talisman Drawing Papers. The rate of 2 papers or more is 36%, less than 2 papers is 64%.

Excellent paper combos

In case you do not know how to load military emblems to own talisman drawing paper, you can refer to the two articles below.

  • Top up your Lien Quan card, top up your Lien Quan badge the fastest
  • Instructions for recharging Garena cards quickly and simply

Buy Excellent Paper Combo at Convenience Store

In addition to directly buying Excellent Paper as mentioned above, players can also buy Excellent Paper Combo through the Super Excellent Paper Pack event in January.

Excellent Charm

Through the Convenience Store, players can choose to buy Awesome Paper Packs and Super Awesome Paper Packs to receive Awesome Charm drawing paper at attractive prices. Specifically:

Excellent paper package: 149 military emblems (Original price 458 military emblems)

  • Contains 15 excellent paper boxes.
  • Every day of the month you will receive a box of Awesome Paper.
  • After opening the box, you will randomly receive 1/2/5/7/10/20/100 Excellent Paper.

Super Excellent Paper Package: 499 military badges (Original price 1500 military badges).

  • Contains 30 excellent paper boxes.
  • Every day of the month you will receive a box of Awesome Paper.
  • After opening the box, you will randomly receive 2/3/5/15/20/50/500 Excellent Paper.

Collect free Awesome Papers

In addition to having to pay a fee to receive the Awesome Sac paper, there are also a few ways for you to get this spell paper completely free. Include:

  • Through S-level spell drawing eventin addition to players having the opportunity to receive attractive costumes, they will also have the opportunity to obtain Excellent Talisman.

S-rank spell drawing event

  • Players who register for the monthly Mission Book event and complete the book at level 15 will also receive 2 additional Awesome charms.

Draw the Awesome Charm in January

  • Participating in Lien Quan's New Version player incentive event, you can accumulate AOVP points through missions and then convert them into in-game items, including Great Sac papers. You can visit THIS link to learn more about the event.
  • You can also participate in free skin giveaway events and receive excellent certificates instead of receiving skins.

Free skin giveaway event

  • In 2023, players can also participate in the Universal Calendar 2.0 event and redeem costumes or Awesome Talisman paper for free. Details of the event content can be found HERE.

Hopefully through this article, players have fully grasped the latest information about the Awesome Charm Drawing event and can soon own their desired outfit.

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