Instructions on how to play and build Ilumia season S1 2023

Ilumia is a mage general with good control abilities, especially his ultimate ability that helps increase vision, making controlling enemy champions extremely uncomfortable. Let's join Quantrimang to learn about this general in season S1 2023.

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Ilumia's move set

First we need to understand Ilumia's move set.

Passive: Divine Power

Passive: Divine Power

The ball of light will immediately refresh its cooldown and be enhanced within the next 5 seconds every time Ilumia launches any 2 moves or the 2nd move hits an enemy champion.

Move 1: Ball of light

Move 1: Ball of light

Ilumina launches an energy ball in the specified direction, which explodes when out of range or hits a target, dealing magic damage.

Trick 2: Expel

Trick 2: Expel

Ilumia knocks back all nearby enemies, dealing magic damage. If a victim is hit, they will be slowed down and Ilumia will be able to run faster.

Move 3: Divine Formation

Move 3: Divine Formation

Ilumina summons a magic circle filled with divine power at the current location of all enemy champions, dealing magic damage and stunning victims. In particular, this move also helps detect the vision of all enemy champions.

Order of increasing abilities for Ilumia

With Ilumia, maximizing skill 1 first will increase the ability to control it better. Therefore, players should increase skills in the order shown in the image below.

Order of increasing abilities for Ilumia

Support spells for Ilumia

Players can use it Flash or Express to help Ilumia become a bit more mobile and escape combat more easily.

Jade table for Ilumia season S1 2023

To be able to continuously unleash spells, players need to equip Ilumia with the following gem system:

  • Ruby: Magic +4.2 ; Magic armor penetration +2.4
  • Purple gem: Attack speed +1% Movement speed +1%
  • Green Jade: Attack speed +0.6% ; Magic armor penetration +6.4

Gem table for Ilumia season 23

Badges for Ilumia in the S1 2023 season

Regarding the badge system, this mage general will need to be equipped with the Tower of Light and Abyss of Chaos badges. As follows:

  • Main branch: Light Tower: level 1 Holy Pearl, level 2 Piercing Heart, level 3 Divine Light.
  • Sub-branch: Abyss of Chaos: level 1 Demon Fire, level 2 Strength.

Badges for Ilumia in season 23

How to dress for Ilumia season S1 2023

Regarding equipment, in this S1 2023 season, the following equipment will be the most suitable for general Ilumia. Include:

  • Resilient Shoes: +90 Magic Armor, +60 Movement Speed, +35% Effect Resistance.
  • Exploding staff: +200 Magic Attack, +30 Energy Regen/5s, +5% Movement Speed. Echo: Creates a small explosion area that deals 100 (+40% bonus magic damage) magic damage around the target hit.
  • Soul searching book: +200 Magic Attack, +10% cooldown reduction, +20 mana regeneration/5s, +300 maximum health. Fire: On-target damage reduces the target's healing ability by 40% for 1.5 seconds (if the damage is from a normal attack, the effect will last for 3 seconds).
  • Hecate Crown: +240 Magic Power, +35% Magic Power.
  • Staff of Chaos: +180 Magic Attack, +10% Cooldown Reduction, +40% Magic Penetration.
  • Frost ball: +240 Magic, Seal: Become invulnerable for 2 seconds. After finishing, you will receive a shield that helps block 500 (champion level*40) (+50% magic power) for 1 second.
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How to outfit Ilumia season 23

Overview of how to equip Ilumia

Overview of how to equip Ilumia

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Instructions on how to play Ilumia Lien Quan Mobile season S1 2023

Early game stage

In the early stages of the game, players should focus on clearing minions and pushing the lane. Especially with a low-mobility champion like Ilumia, you should not be too eager to fight from the beginning but should only farm as well as poke the opponent's health and roam to gank to support your teammates.

Mid and late game

When entering the mid-game, players can be more comfortable using their skills thanks to the amount of energy equipment they carry as well as the cooldown time being significantly reduced.

Instructions on how to play Ilumia Lien Quan Mobile season 23

Regularly pay attention to the small map to launch your ultimate move in time to effectively support your teammates in combat. If you're lucky, you can take down enemy champions from afar. When in a team fight, Ilumia should be careful to only stand behind and deal damage to stun the enemy, giving teammates the opportunity to defeat the enemy champion more easily.

Ilumia's weakness is that she is extremely mobile, so when playing this general, players need to move carefully to avoid being caught alone. Especially if the enemy team has mobile champions that are easy to pick apart like Zuka, Nakroth, and Aoi, then when using Ilumia you will need to be more careful about how to move.

Ilumia's standard combo

Players can try applying the combos below when playing this general effectively.

  • Method 1: Move 2 > Move 1 > Move 3 > Move 1 > Move 1.
  • Method 2: Keep 1 internal point > Move 1 > Move 1 > Move 2 > Move 1 > Move 3.

These combos will cause a huge stun effect on enemy champions.

Hope it passes Instructions on how to play and build Ilumia season S1 2023 This game from Quantrimang, you will be able to become more proficient at this interesting general.

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