Instructions on how to play and equip Elsu for season S1 2023

Elsu is a gunner general with extremely high damage in Lien Quan Mobile. However, becoming proficient at this general is not simple. Let's learn with Quantrimang how to play this general in season S1 2023.

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Elsu's move set

First of all, we need to understand Elsu's move set.

Passive: Sniper

Passive: Sniper

Elsu's normal attacks do not cause critical hits, but the damage is very high, critical hits will be converted into physical attacks. Escaping combat Elsu will camouflage when standing next to terrain and gain running speed.

Move 1: Eagle station

Move 1: Eagle station

Elsu installed an Eagle device on the ground and received great visibility. It is possible to arrange 3 Ung stations at the same time.

Move 2: Long range attack

Move 2: Long range attack

Elsu aims as a sniper, dealing physical damage and slowing down enemies. Aiming requires two accurate sights, otherwise the bullet may be misaligned.

Move 3: Shock

Move 3: Shock

Elsu flips backwards and shoots forward, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies. After landing, Elsu was accelerated.

Order of increasing skills for Elsu

Move 1 will be the move you need to maximize first. Therefore, the order of increasing skills will be as shown below.

Move 3: Shock

Support spells for Elsu

Like other gunner generals, players can optionally use it Flash or Express for Elsu to increase the ability to leave combat more easily.

Gem table for Elsu season S1 2023

For the gem table, players need to use the following:

  • Ruby: Critical Rate +0.5%, Attack Speed ​​+1.6%
  • Purple gem: 5 Lifesteal +1.6% and 5 Physical Attack +1.6, Movement Speed ​​+1%
  • Sapphire: Physical Attack +0.9, Armor Penetration +6.4

Gem table for Elsu season 23

Badge for Elsu in S1 2023 season

As for the insignia, the Citadel of Origin and the Abyss of Chaos will be the best choices for general Elsu.

  • Main branch: Origin city: level 1 Super healer, level 2 Hunter, level 3 Metallurgy.
  • Sub-branch: Abyss of Chaos: level 1 Demon Fire, level 2 Strength.

Badges for Elsu in season 23

How to outfit Elsu for season S1 2023

During the S1 2023 season, players can upgrade the following equipment to increase their ability to deal damage, shoot damage, and fight effectively. Include:

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  • Resilient Shoes: +90 Magic Armor, +60 Movement Speed, +35% Effect Resistance.
  • Destroying the palace: +50 Physical Attack, +30% Attack Speed, +10% Critical Rate. God Breaker: Normal attacks deal 50 physical damage (doubled for ranged champions). Penetration: Increases armor penetration by 20% (double for ranged champions).
  • Fafnir Sword: +60 Physical Attack, +30% Attack Speed, +10% Life Steal. Dragon Breath: Basic attacks deal additional physical damage equivalent to 8% of the target's current Health.
  • Fenrir Fang: +200 Physical Attack. A target's health below 50% will take 30% more damage.
  • Sword Complex: +70 Physical Attack, +15% Attack Speed, +10% Cooldown Reduction, +600 Maximum Health.
  • Guardian armor: +120 Armor. Helps you revive after 2 seconds at the place of defeat with 2000 health (+100 health per champion level).

How to outfit Elsu season 23

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Instructions on how to play Elsu Lien Quan Mobile season S1 2023

Early game stage

In the early stages of the game, players need to move to the river and stand close to the terrain to activate the stealth passive. Having a suitable standing position can help Elsu use Far Trinh Strike and steal the opponent's talisman.

Instructions on how to play Elsu Lien Quan Mobile season 23

After that, gamers can poke more health from the enemy mid laner before returning to the Dragon lane and clearing the wave of minions for gold and experience for themselves.

Mid and late game

In the mid-game, Elsu needs to try to farm as well as poke enemy champions' damage through skill 2. Thanks to the skill set that causes great damage, Elsu can easily force the lane and push towers effectively.

In the late game, players need to be flexible in their fighting style. If they have good vision in the fight, they should shoot as often as possible. If you don't have enough shooting angle or vision, you should hide from afar and damage the opponent through move 2.

Instructions on how to play Elsu Lien Quan Mobile season 23

Note, when playing Elsu, the player needs to take advantage of placing move 1 at the most beneficial locations, increasing visibility for the whole team.

The above is Instructions for playing Elsu in season S1 2023 that Quantrimang wants to send to you. Wishing you a very effective rank climbing season with this general.

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