Instructions on how to play and equip Yena for season S1 2023

Yena is a general with an extremely rich and diverse set of moves. If you can master this general, it will be easier for you to climb the Lien Quan rank. Let's learn with Quantrimang and understand how to play and equip this general right away.

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Yena's move set

First, we need to understand Yena's move set. This is a general with up to 6 different moves. Specifically.

Passive: Ban Nguyet Slash

Passive: Ban Nguyet Slash

When Yena uses Dual Blades, her running speed is increased. In particular, every time she damages an enemy champion, it will cause the Moon Slash effect. When accumulating 5 stacks of Yena effects, it will deal physical damage while silencing the target and slowing down movement.

Move 1: Toa Nguyet Slash / Gathering Moon Slash

Move 1: Toa Nguyet Slash / Gathering Moon Slash

Loan knife: Toai Nguyet beheading

Yena dashes in the designated direction and swings her sword to slash enemies, dealing physical damage; If the first turn hits, Yena can continue the second turn within 5 seconds. This move can be cast a maximum of 2 turns before starting the cooldown.

Knife: Gathering moon slash

Yena gathers strength for 2 seconds then swings the Moonblade, dealing physical damage in the specified direction; The longer the force is concentrated, the stronger the damage. After 0.75 seconds, Yena's move will slow down the enemy's movement speed for 2 seconds; If after 1.5 seconds, the enemy will be knocked away. If a victim is hit, Yena can use Gathering Moon Slash a second time within the next 5 seconds.

Move 2: Luan Nguyet Slash / Tu Nguyet Slash

Move 2: Luan Nguyet Slash / Tu Nguyet Slash

Dual blades: Luan Nguyet slash

Yena launches the Twin Blades in the designated direction, dealing physical damage. The Twin Blades rotate continuously for 3 seconds at the end point, every 0.5 seconds dealing physical damage to targets within range and reducing movement speed by 50% for 1 second.

Moon knife: Four moon slash

Yena swings the Moonblade to slash 4 times in the designated direction, each time dealing physical damage, and each slash will slow and knock the target back for 2 seconds continuously. The 4th wave alone will knock away all targets.

Especially if Yena comes close to the Dual Blades, she will automatically retrieve the weapon and help herself recover this 5 second cooldown, regardless of whether she is holding the Dual Blades or the Moon Blade.

Move 3: Man Nguyet Slash / Hoanh Nguyet Slash

Move 3: Man Nguyet Slash / Hoang Nguyet Slash

Dual blades: Man Nguyet slash

Yena pairs weapons into a Blade, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies and increasing physical attack continuously for 5 seconds. After activating, Yena converts her 3 current moves into a new set of moves using Moon Blade.

Moon knife: Hoang Nguyet slash

Yena splits her weapon into a pair of swords that slash horizontally in four directions, dealing physical damage to nearby victims, while increasing her attack speed continuously for 5 seconds. After activating, Yena converts 3 current moves into a new set of moves using Dual Blades.

Ranking order for Yena

When using this general, players should maximize skill 1 first. As follows:

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Ranking order for Yena

Additional spells for Yena

In terms of support, Yena is a champion often used in the top lane, the most suitable suggestion for Yena is Flash.

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Jade table for Yena season S1 2023

When using Yena, players should equip the following gems:

  • Ruby: 1 Pellet (Crit Rate +1.6%) and 9 Pellets (Physical Attack +2 Armor Penetration +3.6)
  • Purple gem: Attack speed +1% Movement speed +1%
  • Sapphire: Physical work +0.9 ; Armor penetration +6.4

Jade table for Yena season 23

Badge for Yena in S1 2023 season

The Abyss of Chaos and Tower of Light insignia will be most suitable for this gladiator general. As follows:

  • Main branch: Abyss of Chaos: level 1 Afterimage, level 2 Strength attack, level 3 Magic spell.
  • Sub-branch: Tower of Light: level 1 Contrast, level 2 Radial.

Badge for Yena in season 23

How to dress Yena for season S1 2023

In season S1 2023, this champion can use the following items when using Yena.

  • Resilient Shoes: +90 Magic Armor, +60 Movement Speed, +35% Effect Resistance.
  • Loving Longinus: +80 Physical Attack, +15% Cooldown Reduction, +500 Maximum Health.
  • Order of Troy: 10% Cooldown Reduction, +200 Magic Armor, +1000 Maximum Health. Protection: When leaving combat, you receive a layer of protection that helps absorb (400 + Champion Level*60) magic damage. Gain 8-112 magic armor (increases with level)
  • Soul hunting sword: +100 Physical Attack, +10% Cooldown Reduction, +180 Armor. Fire: Damage on target reduces the target's healing ability by 40% for 1.5 seconds (if the damage is from a normal attack, the effect will last for 3 seconds).
  • Fenrir Fang: +200 Physical Attack. A target's health below 50% will take 30% more damage.
  • Guardian armor: +120 Armor. Helps you revive after 2 seconds at the place of defeat with 2000 health (+100 health per champion level).

How to outfit Yena season 23

Instructions on how to play Yena season S1 2023

Early game stage

In the early stages of the game, players need to quickly farm all the first wave soldiers to quickly gain a stable amount of money and experience. After farming, quickly move to the mid lane area to put pressure on the opponent's mid. Besides, you can also hold farm towers and use Luan Nguyet Chop and Toai Nguyet Chop to poke enemy champions.

Instructions on how to play Yena season 23

Mid game stage

Yena is a champion with high mobility, so players should take advantage of this ability to actively roam to gank to support teammates. The fact that Yena can successfully gank will have a pretty big effect on the entire situation of the match.

Late game phase

When the match enters the late game, players should try to capture the opponent's main force such as mage generals and gunners to be more advantageous in team combat.

Instructions on how to play Yena season 23

Note that Tu Nguyet Tram has the ability to deal great damage, so choosing a suitable angle to exert force will create an effective fight opening phase.

Yena move combo

When in Half Moon Blade state: Using Luan Nguyet Slash causes the opponent to be slowed down. Next, rush in with Toai Nguyet Slash and the passive Half Moon Slash, which will make the opponent unable to react in time.

Instructions on how to play Yena season 23

When in the Moon Blade state, Yena transforms into a fighter with unstoppable power. Players need to take advantage of this to attack the enemy's main target to end the fight quickly.

Above are the basic instructions for gamers who are new to getting acquainted with general Yena. Hopefully this article will help you become proficient at this general in the shortest possible time.

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