How to rename Loan Chien Mobile, rename the character Loan Chien Mobile

Like Arena of valor Mobile and Wild Rift, Lien Chien Mobile also allows players to change personal information. This personal information includes date of birth, avatar and character name.

In which the character's name is quite important information, everyone can search for each other's information with just the ID to get all the character information. So you can rename your character to your liking, even using these Special characters to make your name stand out more. If you want to change the name of your Mobile character, please see the instructions below.

Change the name of character Lan Chien Mobile

Step 1: Select your avatar in the upper right corner of the home screen as shown below.

Enter the name of the mobile loan officer

Step 2: In your character Profile interface, select the character name editing icon as shown below.

Enter the name of the mobile loan officer

Step 3: To change a character's name, you will have to spend a Name Change Card. If you have not purchased a Name Change Card, the system will suggest you buy it in the shop.

If you don't have enough money to buy, the system will suggest you top up your card to buy a Name Change Card. If this is your first time changing your name, it will be free. Just write the name of the character you want to change in the box and select Agree to change the name.

Enter the name of the mobile loan officer

Besides changing your name, you can edit your birthday. Please choose your correct date of birth because then you will not be able to access this feature for at least 1 year from the last edit.

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Enter the name of the mobile loan officer

For many people, personal information may not be important when they enter the game to experience the skills of generals as well as search for skins and other features. But for those who have high ratings and are willing to invest in the game, having a prominent name is very important.

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