Tips to increase movement speed in Free Fire

Operation speed is an indispensable factor that you need to understand in Free Fire. So increasing movement speed is extremely necessary. This article will suggest you tips to improve your playing speed as well as increase your winning rate.

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Apply skill combos

Combining skill combos is a special feature in Free Fire. Players need money or diamonds accumulated while running along the map to be able to perform this skill.

Apply skill combos

Once you accumulate enough, you can apply a trio of passive powers along with an active ability. Through combos, you will receive the necessary effects and speed. Below are 5 suggested combos that you can refer to

Skill combo Alok Moco Shirou Maro

You will need characters including:

  • Alok: Drop the beat
  • Moco: Hacker's Eye
  • Shirou: Damage Delivered
  • Maro: Falcon Fervor

Thanks to Alok's skills, the whole team will improve their speed significantly. Not only does he create an aura within a 5m radius, but he also brings the ability to restore 5 HP in 10 seconds as well as increase the team's speed by 15%.

Besides, Moco possesses magical movement speed that can tag opponents within 5 seconds after opening fire on them. That's why the enemy general's position is easily detected.

Enemy champions within 80m will be marked for 6 seconds. At this point you can easily defeat the enemy, especially the first shot can be aimed and cause 100% armor penetration.

Besides, the duo Shirou and Maro will help you receive 25% more damage when traveling together. In case your opponent has been previously marked, the damage will increase by another 3.5%. However, it should be noted that Shirou has a fairly slow cooldown speed, up to 20 seconds.

Skill combo: K Miguel Luqueta Joseph

This squad includes:

  • K: Master of All
  • Miguel: Crazy Slayer
  • Luquet: Hat Trick
  • Joseph: Nutty Movement

Leader K possesses two independent roles: Jiu-Jitsu and Master. When obtaining Jiu-Jitsu, other team members will have 5 times more EP conversion when within a 6m radius. If in the Master role, K can quickly recover 2 EP every 2 seconds, until reaching 150 EP. In addition, the cooldown when switching modes is also quite fast.

And Miguel with Crazy Slayer will be of great help to K. Both will create 80 EP with each kill. At this time, Jiu-Jitsu mode will also be switched to faster HP type.

Next, Luquet will increase your HP to the maximum when you reach level 18. At the same time, you can reach a maximum of 35 HP each time you defeat an enemy. You can also get 235 health when you have two frames in the same match.

Finally, Joseph has a skill that helps the team increase their initial speed by 20%. The sprint skill is also added when the party is hit by a strong attack.

Skill combo: Chrono Hayato Dasha Laura

Team members:

  • Chrono: Time Turner
  • Hayato: Bushido
  • Dasha: Party On
  • Laura: Sharp Shooter

Chrono possesses the Time Turner skill that helps avoid 600 damage and increases movement speed by 15%. Although this skill lasts for 8 seconds, the cooldown takes 170 seconds.

Hayato has the ability to penetrate armor by 10%, but the amount of dark health will also be reduced by 10%. On the other hand, Hayato will become many times stronger when awakened, to do so, although his previous damage will be reduced.

In addition, Dasha will be the appropriate choice if you want to increase your ability to move on the map. Through the Party On skill, falling-related skills will be reduced by 50%. Recovery time after a fall will also be reduced by 80%. In addition, it also helps the team reduce recoil speed by 10%.

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Finally, Laura's Sharpshooter skill now has the accuracy of each shot increased by 35%, extremely effective in combat.

Skill combo: Xayne Jai Jota D-bee

Characters needed in the combo:

  • Xayne: Xtreme Encounter
  • Jai: Raging Reload
  • Jota: Sustained Raids
  • D-bee: Bullet Beats

If you love attacking gameplay then you can use this combo, with Xayne you can get 80 HP and 100% damage capacity on walls and shields. This effect will last continuously for 10 seconds. Besides, the skill recovery speed will be 100 seconds.

Plus, Jota can get 40 HP back for every Shotgun or SMG shot down. Extremely fast cooldown of 5 seconds.

Jai will automatically reload 45% of the bullets in the gun when he defeats the opponent. Skills are only available on weapons such as AR, Pistol, SMG and SG.

The last character in the squad is D-bee with the ability to increase movement speed by 15% and aiming accuracy by 35% to help you deploy an effective attack squad.

Skill combo: A124 Miguel Kelly Antonio

The four required characters include:

  • A124: Thrill of Battle
  • Miguel: Crazy Slayer
  • Kelly: Dash
  • Antonio: Gangster's Spirit

Using A124 will help you get 60 more EP converted to HP in 4 seconds, the cooldown is short and only takes 10 seconds to convert, which will be extremely useful for you.

Kelly's moves will give players a 6% chance of 'running away' in urgent situations. However, Kelly also has an awakened version of her power. If you want to awaken this version, you will be much stronger than before.

Finally, Antonio with the Gangster's Spirit skill brings 35 HP each round, helping you own a 235 health tank.

Use Auto Pick Up mode

Use Auto Pick Up mode

Using this skill will help you collect items continuously, both efficiently and saving quite a bit of time. In addition, Free Fire also has a selection function, allowing you to automatically pick up certain objects.

  • You can go to the section Setting -> select item want to automatically pick up.

Note: You should pick up rare or necessary items, don't be greedy about picking up everything, it will be very time consuming. You can also choose Fast mode to increase item collection efficiency.

Some other ways to increase movement speed

Improve movement skills

Increase camera sensitivity to increase mobility and navigation.

Choose your favorite weapon: To reload and shoot faster, you should use guns that can reload themselves. Besides, while changing weapons, jump or don't stop moving to avoid being hit by enemies.

Whether it's normal or when you're aiming at a target, you must always pay attention to moving or changing your hiding position constantly.

If you want to get close to the enemy quickly, create a Glue Wall (Gloo Wall), combined with grenade splashes. It will help you move quickly but still ensure safety.

In addition, you also need to combine jumping and running to reach enemies as quickly as possible.

Finally, you can use the hook to coordinate different forms of movement.

Quick action is the main factor that leads to your victory.

Choose a character with the ability to move quickly

Choose a character with the ability to move quickly

If you can move faster, you will always be in an active position. Therefore, you can prioritize using characters such as:


Joseph is the character with the best movement ability in Free Fire. However, he cannot actively activate this ability. Instead, after being 'hit', Joseph's “Crazy” skill will immediately be turned on. From there, his movement speed will increase by 20% compared to the original speed.


Alox will have 15% more movement speed thanks to Melody of Life. Not only did he escape alone, he also pulled all his teammates who were 5 meters away from him along.


Caroline also has excellent running skills, with each type of weapon she uses, her movement speed will have a certain effect. For example, with a shotgun, her movement speed will increase by 8%.


She is a genuine Runner with a running speed 6% faster than other characters' average speed. However, this skill only appears during sprints.

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