The rarest cards in Coin Master and how to get them

Coin Master has many features for you to use and receive spins, typically the feature of exchanging cards (Trade Cards) between players to fill the deck and earn spins.

Of course, the collection will be filled if you diligently open the chest in many ways, from checking attendance, doing tasks, participating in events… The cards will be arranged from 1 to 5 stars, and the more stars increase, the rarer they become.

There are very rare cards that you can hardly own, even for players who have been spinning the machine for a long time, this number of cards is quite rare. Below is a list of the rarest cards in Coin Master.

The rarest cards in Coin Master

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Andromeda leaves

Rare card coin master

As the first card, Andromeda is a distant galaxy in a universe. So it is very reasonable that this is a card in the Space deck. If you find it, you will receive quite a large amount of spins. However, the odds of getting Andromeda are quite small, so perhaps it is most convenient for you to exchange cards in Coin Master to quickly receive this card, and you should also prepare other corresponding 4-star cards to exchange. for those players who give you this rare card.

Farmer Feng

Although it is a 4-star card similar to Andromeda, Farmer Feng is a rare card in the Chinese deck. Feng is a farmer with a smile on his face, and he is standing on the terraced fields. It may take you a lot of time to complete the Chinese deck, as these cards are scattered across many levels. But farmer Feng can be found in the 52nd village called Swamp. And if you're lucky and find Feng early, don't give this card away.

coin master rare card

Cosmic Carl

Even though Carl is an astronaut in space, he belongs to the Warriors deck. If you're lucky, you can find Carl when building the 217th village named Country Band.

If you find 2 or more cards, don't exchange Carl for the chest, but use it to exchange for other 4-star cards. This card is very valuable and if you know how to take advantage of it, you will be able to collect other 5-star cards.

bai hiem coin master


Belonging to the Circus deck, Armstrong is one of the rarest cards in Coin Master like Adromeda and Farmer Feng. Because it belongs to the Circus deck, when completed, you will receive many valuable rewards.

To get Armstrong, you just need to unlock the village at level 55, Jurassic (Jurassic), however, the rate of getting Armstrong is quite low. And many people only get this card through exchanging cards with other players.

This is Bai hiem coin master

Barrel Tank

Ranked 5th on this list is Barrel Tank. If you want to meet this card, you will have to find your way to the 120th village called Soccer. This is a card belonging to the Goblin suit, however only those who are very lucky while opening the chest can touch this card.

Therefore, to save time and money, you should ask other players on the card exchange group to receive Barrel Tank as quickly as possible.

coin master is hiem

Pig Knight

As a rare 3-star card with a low chance of appearing when opening a chest, Pig Knight is also a card in the Warriors set. To find this card, you must unlock the 206th village called Jamaica.

But once on this list, the Pig Knight will have a hard time appearing when opening the chest. Obtaining this card will mostly depend on the decision to exchange cards between players.

This is Bai hiem coin master

Archery Camp

And the last card in Coin Master's rare card set is the Archery Camp card belonging to the Knights set. You can find this card in the 207th village called Louie the 16th. If you collect all the Knights, you will have 10,000 spins. However, this card is not easy to find.

coin master

There are several ways you can open more cards in Coin Master, including:

  • Complete the Viking quest – Complete various Viking quests and take on Viking Slots quests.
  • Quests have chest rewards – Many missions in Coin Master reward you with chests. Even though chests reward many cards, you will receive a lot of rare cards when opening chests from quests.
  • Exchange with other players – This is the best and fastest way to get the card you need. You can trade with players in the large card trading group linked above.

Additionally you can trade with other players on various platforms and buy or exchange cards from them. However, be wary of anyone who shows signs of fraud, asking you to pay money or give out personal information.

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