Guide to leveling up in Fortnite Rocket Racing

From the developers of Rocket League comes Rocket Racing, a hypersonic arcade racing game that lets players drift, fly and speed with friends through an ever-evolving selection of tracks. When Fortnite launches, Rocket Racing will be available in the library for gamers to start racing.

Free racing game in Fortnite - Rocket Racing
Free racing game in Fortnite – Rocket Racing

Fortnite Rocket Racing is the perfect choice for those who love racing because of the exciting content and gameplay it brings, as well as the ranking system with many different rewards that the developer adds to encourage more players.

In this guide, let's learn about Ranking system in Fortnite Rocket Racing and how to rank up. This is a long and complicated process, so gamers need to not only be active but also be diligent in learning the mechanics and strengthening their skills.

How to rank up in Fortnite Rocket Racing

The main goal in Rocket Racing will be to win races, so without proper preparation it is definitely difficult. So what gamers need to focus on is practice, so don't try to be the best from the start, instead, try your best to understand the game better and learn all the rules. occlusion.

Rankings in Season Zero of Rocket Racing
Rankings in Season Zero of Rocket Racing

Overall, the game has 8 ranks, but if you consider the sub-ranks, the total number goes up to 19. If you haven't played a match yet, everyone will be Unrank. Upon completion of the first race, the ranking will be Bronze 1 and then gradually move up the level Unreal tallest. To help gamers better understand what awaits them, below is a list of all the ranks in Fortnite Rocket Racing:

Main rank Secondary rank
Bronze Bronze 1
Bronze 2
Bronze 3
silver Silver 1
Silver 2
Silver 3
Gold Gold 1
Gold 2
Gold 3
Platinum Platinum 1
Platinum 2
Platinum 3
Diamond Diamond 1
Diamond 2
Diamond 3

As everyone can see, the last 3 ranks do not have sub-ranks, because the races there are really terrible and the evaluation system will be more strict. These results will only be achieved by real gamers and e-sports athletes who will spend most of their time developing their skills in the game.

Therefore, to achieve such results, players must constantly hone their skills and use various tips and tricks to gain an advantage over their opponents. If the number of wins is greater than the number of losses, the player's rank will increase and vice versa.

Initially, try to get at least Gold rank. Then try to achieve higher positions to get more points and move on to new categories.

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