DLS 2024: How to perform important techniques with the ball

Dream League Soccer 2024 (DLS 2024) has officially launched new changes made for the 2024 season with many new and attractive features. The possibility of acquiring more players from the 4K FIFPro tournament appears to continue in the new season as well. A series of graphical improvements can be considered a new tool that has been applied to improve the player experience.

To increase ball control and scoring opportunities, while also demonstrating control skills, understanding how to perform skill moves in DLS 2024 is very important. These techniques not only look beautiful and skillful, but also make passing and finishing easier. In addition to the move skills available in previous DLS versions, Dream League Soccer 2024 has also added a number of new ball techniques for gamers to explore.

In this article, let's learn how to perform important ball techniques when playing Dream League Soccer 2024, bringing beautiful shots like professional players.

Instructions for performing techniques with the ball in DLS 2024

New techniques in DLS 24

Knock Head: Tap the screen once when there is a ball

Close Control: Touch and hold an empty space while in possession of the ball

Secondary Press: Touch and hold in space when the opponent has the ball to force the opposing player with another player of his team (do not press B)

How to perform every skill move in DLS

Bicycle kick

When there is a ball, you need to press the key C with the player you want to perform a bicycle kick to cross the ball. Then nDouble click on the screen mobile phone to start leaning back to hook the ball.

If you want to do a bicycle kick from a corner, do it Hold the left joystick towards the round barthen press the button B when the ball is in the air close to the body.

dls 2021 skill 1

Bicycle kick is the act of a player kicking the ball into the air in front of the goal with a crouching position and raising his feet. To do this, the player must maintain body balance and alignment 100%. If it is more or less, the ball will not hit the foot and there is no possibility of scoring a goal.

head shot

Heading can be done in 2 ways. One is done on your own and the other is with the help of a teammate. If you want to head the ball yourself, the player needs to flick the rainbow ball and then double tap the screen when the ball is in the air. If you want to head a corner kick past a teammate, tap B or C and passed it to him. Then, hold the joystick on the left side and press C.

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dls 2021 skill 2

Head shots are very important in scoring goals when the ball is in front of the goal, rushing very quickly towards the goal through a header.


When moving forward with the ball, use your fingers Drag the ball from left to right or from right to left on the screen. It depends on the player in front and the target, so players need to check when to turn from left to right and when to turn from right to left.

dls 2021 skill 3

Feint helps deceive opposing players by demonstrating skill with both feet and moving the ball forward.

Rabona kick

When there is no player in front, to perform a rabona kick, the player must lift the ball into the air through a rainbow kick and then press B or C.

dls 2021 skill 4

Goals can be scored by fooling the goalkeeper with a cross-legged kick. Rabona kicks can be performed with special foot rotations, such as rotating the left foot behind the right foot or rotating the right foot behind the left foot.

Roulette technique

dls 2021 skill 5

When moving forward with the ball, drag your finger from top to bottom of the screen and everyone has successfully performed the Roulette passing technique. This is the process of swinging forward with a light touch with one foot to the ball.

Rainbow flick

When moving forward with the ball, use your finger to drag the player from bottom to top on the mobile screen. After that, everyone can easily perform the skill of spinning the rainbow ball.

DLS 2021 skill 1

Rainbow flick is a technique of touching the ball with both feet and lifting the ball upward. When there is a player in front, if you want to pass, you need a rainbow flick.

Scorpio kick

DLS 2021 skill 2

While the ball is in the air, the player can perform a scorpion kick by tapping it twice. The scorpion kick is a very difficult technique. To do this, the entire body must tilt to one side and one leg must be raised to perform the kick.


To perform a volley, the gamer must pass the ball by pressing a button C or if the ball flies away from an opposing player, the Joystick must be held towards the target and the button pressed B.

DLS 2021 skill 3

A volley is when the ball is flying into the air and the player is in a good position or is moving towards that position. When the ball falls to the right foot level, the player will now shoot in a tilted and thrown position to connect before the ball hits the ground.

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