TOP of the most comprehensive decks in Marvel Snap

Any card game has many different strategies and ways to build decks. Marvel Snap is no exception and can make many different strategies possible thanks to the combination of unique mechanics, as well as a large number of cards.

Due to the way card effects work differently in Marvel Snap, many decks use different cards and have their own ways to gain control of 2 locations at the end of the game. In this article, let's explore TOP of the most powerful decks in Marvel Snap that players should apply to achieve the highest efficiency.

TOP of the most comprehensive decks in Marvel Snap

Sera Surfer

Sera has established herself as one of the best cards in Marvel Snap. With its ability and respectable stat line of 5/4, Sera is definitely an all-around card. This makes it a great piece next to the Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer gives other 3-cost cards +3 Power.

The plan for this deck is to build a field of mainly 3-cost power cards, play Sera only on turn 5, and spam three more 3-cost cards on turn 6. All of these cards are Silver Surfer upgrades to incredible levels of power. Gamers can also use some of the best disruption tools in the game, such as Storm, Killmonger, and Cosmo.

Sample deck of cards
Iceman Scorpion Silver Surfer
Brood Mister Fantastic Storm
Cosmo Juggernaut Killmonger
Polaris Maximus Sera

Zabu 4-cost

Zabu is the Savage Land season pass reward and is an incredible card. This 3/2 card has the Ongoing ability to reduce the cost of a 4-cost card to 2. That allows it to be combined with tons of powerful 4-cost cards to make them much easier to spam.

There are already plenty of strong cards available at decent prices. Cards like Shang-Chi, Moon Girl, and Shuri are all very playable, even in non-dedicated decks. However, when combined with Zabu, the king of 4-cost decks, they become much more dangerous. There are even some bold combos here with Shuri and Absorbing Man or Black Widow and Darkhawk.

Sample deck of cards
Korg Black Widow Mystique
Zabu Darkhawk Shuri
Absorbing Man Shang-Chi Spider-Man
Moon Girl Rockslide America Chavez

Shuri Big Cards

Shuri has become more famous than ever thanks to her huge role in the MCU. Luckily, she's both a great support card and an excellent live-action character. Shuri has the On Reveal effect to double the power of the next card you play. That means she's a perfect fit for decks that are already high in power.

Marvel Snap best deck 1

To get the most out of Shuri, gamers should pair with cards with high stats, whether they have negative effects or not. Some great examples include Red Skull, Typhoid Mary, and Vision. This deck can gain incredible power quickly and even take advantage of some other great cards like Zero and Zabu.

Sample deck of cards
Zero Armor Zabu
Maximus Shuri Attuma
Typhoid Mary Taskmaster Vision
Red Skull Arnim Zola She-Hulk

Jubilee Big Cards

A card that ignores cost or has powerful turn acceleration is invaluable in any game with finite mana, such as Magic the Gathering, Pokemon TCG, or Marvel Snap. Jubilee is the best at this, thanks to her On Reveal ability, which adds the top card of the deck to the same position.

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Marvel Snap best deck 1

This is quite effective in filling your deck with consistent cards like Domino and America Chavez, then rounding out the list with big high-power cards. Gamers can even use cards like Lockjaw and Arnim Zola to reuse Jubilee's awesome effect, just make sure to Retreat aggressively if Jubilee is not found on turn 5.

Sample deck of cards
Yellowjacket Titania Adam Warlock
Psylocke Cloak Wolverine
Wave Shang-Chi Knull
Galactus Death America Chavez

Devourer Of Worlds

While Galactus is considered more of a boost than a consistent win condition, there's no denying this card's influence on the metagame. The Devourer of Worlds lives up to his name in Marvel Snap. When Revealed, if Galactus is the only card there, he will destroy all other locations.

Marvel Snap best deck 2

Galactus' true power is revealed when combined with Death and Knull. Ideally, when releasing Galactus on turn 4 or 5 via Wave, Electro or otherwise, gamers will destroy tons of cards on both sides.​

Sample deck of cards
Yellowjacket Titania Adam Warlock
Psylocke Cloak Wolverine
Wave Shang-Chi Knull
Galactus Death America Chavez

High Evolutionary Vanillas

High Evolutionary was introduced to the public thanks to the amazing live-action version of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Luckily, the character had just as strong an impact in Marvel Snap. High Evolutionary has the unique ability to give useless cards powerful powers.

Marvel Snap best deck 2

These abilities include weakening enemy cards, reducing the cost of cards in the player's hand. This deck is so powerful that it increases the playability of Luke Cage alone. It is also very interesting that players can use otherwise simple cards in a completely new way.

Sample deck of cards
Wasp Sunspot Misty Knight
Hazmat Luke Cage Shocker
Cyclops High Evolutionary Enchantress
The Thing Abomination Hulk

The Living Tribunal Burst

Marvel Snap introduces balanced cards but completely changes the way the game is played. A great example of this is The Living Tribunal. This card has the Ongoing ability to divide the total power equally among all 3 locations.

Marvel Snap best deck 3

Previously, focusing on a single location was a bad strategy, as people needed to capture 2 locations to win. However, with TLT, gamers can focus all their efforts on powering up 1 location and then spread that location to other locations.

The most common way to do so is to combine Iron Man and Onslaught, with some support cards. However, many decks can use TLT as long as the players get some powerful cards at the end of the game.

Sample deck of cards
Sunspot Ant-Man Bast
Nightcrawler Electro Wave
Super Skrulls Iron Man Magik
Klaw The Living Tribunal Onslaught

Kitty Bounce

Some low value cards can also make a big impression, and Kitty Pryde is the perfect example of that. Despite its low cost, this card is the linchpin of a deck that consistently returns low cards to hand.

Marvel Snap best deck 4

Kitty Pryde gains +2 strength when she returns to the hand. Combined with cards like Beast, Falcon, The Hood and Hit-Monkey, Kitty can be the keystone of a very strong deck that can fill all the turn 6 slots.

Sample deck of cards
The Hood Kitty Pryde Bast
Angela Hit-Monkey Beast
Falcon Mysterio Bishop
Super Skrulls Iron Man America Chavez
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