TOP best abilities in Blade Ball to dodge the ball

Blade Ball is a ROBLOX game that takes players into the challenge of dodging balls with swords. When participating in the game, gamers will see countless balls flying around the arena, towards them, and everyone will need to use the blade to repel that deadly ball. The person who survives the longest in this ball-filled arena wins.

Roblox game controls swords and dodges balls - Blade Ball
Roblox game controls swords and dodges balls – Blade Ball

One of the tips to win in Blade Ball is to equip the best ability for the character. Abilities in Blade Ball are used to give players special powers, such as attack, defense, or even both. Some abilities can also be upgraded to make them better and stronger. Abilities can be obtained through Coin, Wheel and other unique ways.

The game has many different possibilities and makes it difficult for gamers to decide which one to use. So, if you are a beginner and want to unlock the best things soon, let's study the tier list and learn the best skills in Blade Ball.

The strongest Blade Ball skill


Considered by many to be the best ability in Blade Ball, Rapture imbues the character with immense power, allowing him to slash an incoming ball ferociously upward with a remarkable amount of arc, speed, and force. tell.


As mentioned above, Infinity is second only to Rapture in terms of OP. When this ability is activated, the gamer will automatically lock on any incoming balls, preventing them from colliding, and can then aim and eliminate it.

Calming Deflection

Prepare a much weaker deflection, which slows the ball down significantly.

Quantum Arena

Create a quantum void where every player's abilities are disabled. Freeze people if you rush past them with a new version of Thunder Dash that can also be used in waves.

Titan Blade

Enter the mode where everyone wields a giant glowing golden sword. The number of blocks is greatly increased and gamers will make the ball go faster with each swing with this ability. However, the Titan Blade is only obtainable during Winter Spin.

Phase Bypass

Phase Bypass allows for extremely rapid movement for a very short period of time before returning to reality. Like many other abilities, Phase Bypass is upgradeable, which makes it a strong contender for players who use movement to their advantage.

Raging Deflection

With Raging Deflection gamers can create a much stronger deflection than normal, which greatly increases the speed of the ball as it leaves.

Blade Ball skill works fine

Flash Counter

When using Flash Counter, the user will teleport behind the player who last hit the ball, increasing ball speed and freezing the target for a short time.


With this ability, the character will gain speed every time a player is eliminated, which also increases the speed of the ball during each hit. This ability can repeat/stack 5 times, which can make gamers move across the map in the blink of an eye.

Death Slash

Death Slash is a special ability that can only be obtained through Winter Spin. When used while the ball is aiming at you, it will display an animation where the player must time the attack correctly. When used correctly, the ball will be faster, but otherwise, the ball will be slower when blocking ball. When used, the ball will have a purple aura around it.


Pull is an interesting ability that forces the ball to target the player's side, no matter how far away it is, allowing for more direct, streaking attacks and more overall control, If gamers can handle it.


The best overall skill in the current version of the game is Telekinesis. After activating the ability, the player can automatically deflect balls and increase their speed simultaneously with the press of a button. Unlock power-ups quickly if you're aiming for the top spot on the leaderboards.

Thunder Dash

Thunder Dash is an enhanced version of the default Dash ability. Use the ability to move at lightning speed and reposition yourself extremely quickly. Furthermore, this power has a low cooldown so gamers can spam as much as they want in late-game situations.


This skill can allow the character to disappear for a short period of time and make the ball unable to target him. Although it has mid-game damage, players cannot use it late-game in a stalemate.

Current abilities in Blade Ball
Current abilities in Blade Ball

Pretty average Blade Ball ability


Freeze the ball until it is blocked or until 5 seconds have passed

Shadow Step

Shadow Step helps move quickly for a few seconds and creates a trail of shadow-like afterimages following the character.


Blink is like a reinterpretation of other movement-based abilities. When activated, this ability allows to teleport 3 times before needing a cooldown, and the cooldown is quite short, so it definitely has its useful moments.


Swap can actually be quite a useful ability, used to swap places with another player of your choice. The best way to use this ability is to switch places with someone just as the ball is about to come your way.

Average Blade Ball ability


When using Phantom, everyone will follow a targeted player, teleporting behind them and slowing them down. However, Swap or Blink are similar but more effective options that gamers should consider.

Quad Jump

Quad Jump allows you to jump 4 times instead of 2, and if you like to move quickly to escape danger, this ability can be beneficial. However, for most people, this ability is pretty meaningless.


With Waypoint, players can place a sword marker anywhere on the map and then teleport to that point immediately. If you like to move, this ability can be useful, but if you're just a normal player, Waypoint won't be used most of the time.

Super Jump

The best ability for beginners in the game is Super Jump. The moderately priced ability of 300 coins allows for a leap and repositioning much faster than any other ability. Unlock skills as soon as possible after starting the game.


Dash is a good skill that is obtained for free at the start of Blade Ball. As a default ability, it doesn't have much effect except for repositioning. However, gamers can ensure victory in the early stages if used properly and at the right time.

Worst Blade Ball skill

Serpent Shadow Clone

An ability inherited from defeating the snake. Spawn a clone to fight alongside you and become your support.

Wind Cloak

Wind Cloak has a lot of potential but is constantly overshadowed by other abilities. When using the Wind Cloak, gamers can manifest a wind aura that increases their speed and jump speed. However, in most cases this ability works poorly and is hardly used.


At first glance, Forcefield may look like a good ability thanks to its auto-deflection feature. However, it becomes the worst possibility due to its ridiculous 2000 coin price, the second most expensive in the game. Additionally, this skill is not available for use in a final standoff situation. However, players who are learning how to deflect the ball can use Forcefield.


The worst skill in the current version of Blade Ball is Platform. When activating the button, the character will stand on a high platform for a few seconds, deflecting the ball. It has a very high cooldown and is almost useless in late-game situations.

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