Sunkenland: Guide to collecting important items

Sunkenland is a survival game based on the theme of the deep ocean world. Besides exploring sunken cities, players will have to find and craft many items to survive in a harsh post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by famine and war. This article will show you how to find and collect some important items for survival in the Sunkenland.

Sunkenland: Guide to collecting important items

How to collect components in Sunkenland

Components are one of the important resources in Sunkenland that will help players progress. Players will be able to create research tables and research new crafting recipes that will help them create useful items to increase their chances of survival.

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To get components in Sunkenland, players will have to dive deep into the ocean to find cars and toolboxes. Picking up cars and toolboxes will yield the highest number of parts. Cars are easy to find as they can be seen from afar on the road or near buildings, while toolboxes are rare and mostly found inside buildings.

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To start receiving Components at the beginning of the game, players need to scavenge on the roads and shore near Castaway Island. Picking up cars will provide scrap metal and components. Luckily, there is an early toolbox spawn point near Castaway Island where players can pick up four components.

The toolbox is located inside the hospital building on the shore of Castaway Island. Dive into the water and search the buildings on the shore to find a toolbox in one of the buildings.

How to collect scrap metal in Sunkenland

Scrap iron is one of the important resources in the Sunkenland used to craft useful stations. From the moment the player arrives on Castaway Island, the player will be required to collect resources such as wooden planks and cloth to make his first base. Then, to craft stations like Simple Grill or Research Table, players will have to get Scrap Metal.

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To get Scrap Metal in Sunkenland, players will have to dive deep into the ocean to find scrap metal, equipment, and cars. All metal trash in the ocean will provide Scrap Metal. Visit some buildings/houses near the Castaway Island shoreline to find metal trash and appliances. Get close to them to pick them up by pressing and holding the F button to get the Scrap Metal.

There will be some cars sunk into the ocean that players can get Scrap Metal from. Locate the roads or swim the shores of the islands to find cars. Approach the cars and pick them up for scrap metal. Another way to get scrap is to find and loot trash cans near buildings. Containers contain useful items such as clothes, components, scrap metal,…

How to collect fabric and clothes

Cloth is used to craft a number of useful items in Sunkenland, and the best way to get them is to dive deep into the ocean world. Players need to dive into the ocean and go inside sunken buildings on Castaway Island to find washing machines and cabinets to retrieve fabrics.

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The most effective way is to find the washing machine, hold down the F button to scan around and pick up many pieces of clothing. Picking up in the washing machine can also bring clothes to equip the character.

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By building structures and collecting useful items, players will be able to progress and explore other islands in the Sunkenland, which will offer more opportunities.

How to get clean water in the Sunkenland

All players will start with a few soft drinks that can be found on the starting island. However, the water supply will run out quickly because thirst comes on quite quickly. To get clean water in Sunkenland, players will need to build themselves a Purifier, which helps convert seawater into fresh water. Because characters cannot drink sea water directly, gamers will need to filter it to be able to drink it.

There are different types of purifiers that can be unlocked in Sunkenland as the player progresses, but for the early stages, Simple Purifier will suffice.

How to make Simple Purifier

Simple Purifier is the easiest purifier to make because you won't require any recipe, it's available in the tab Cooking of menu Build. To make Simple Purifier, players need to collect materials: 10 Wood Plank, 10 Scrap Metal and 3 Components.

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Once you have all the necessary ingredients, press the button B to enter the menu Build and select tabs Cooking to find the recipe for Simple Purifier. Select options Craft to craft and place it on a wood/metal base.

How to filter sea water into fresh water

After placing the Simple Purifier, gamers need to add sea water to it via the sea water bucket, crafted from the tab Tools in the menu Build, with 5 Scrap Metal. Equip the bucket then go to the island's shore and press F to fill the bucket with sea water.

Now go back to Simple Purifier and press the button F to add seawater to the container. People can add up to 5 buckets filled with seawater to the purifier.

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To purify water, add wood so the purifier can boil seawater to convert it into fresh water, by pressing a button C. A maximum of 10 Wood Planks can be placed in the purifier.

Once the purifier is activated, wait a moment until fresh water flows out from the left side of the purifier. Everyone can press the key F to drink water directly from the filter or press C to fill a fresh water bottle and drink from it whenever needed while exploring the Sunkenland.

How to collect food in Sunkenland

There are several ways for players to collect food in Sunkenland as follows:

  • Scan the island for mushrooms and strawberries. Mushrooms can be consumed after being cooked.
  • Scouring the shoreline for crabs also needs to be cooked.
  • On the island there is a seller of fishing rods, using it to catch fish and other sea creatures.
  • Foraging under the sea will also provide food such as red algae
  • Exploring abandoned buildings on islands and underwater can sometimes find food inside refrigerators and ovens.
  • Craft plants to grow food at your base.

Sunkenland food

Once they have meat or plants, the player now needs to cook them before they can be consumed. Using an oven is the fastest and easiest way to cook food. The first oven can be found at the base of the mountain on the first island.

Additionally, there are ovens left behind on other islands and underwater, used for baking cakes. Later in the game, gamers can craft an oven in their base and use it to cook food.

How to collect wooden planks in Sunkenland

Wooden planks are essential for building, cooking, and crafting in the Sunkenland. To get Wood Plank, players need to follow these steps:

  • The player needs to go to a nearby tree and use an ax to cut it and receive 4-5 wooden planks if it is a large tree.
  • After chopping down a few trees, the player will have enough wooden planks to craft specific items.
  • People can also get Wood Plank if they pick up wooden cabinets or wooden furniture in abandoned buildings.
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