Summary of the latest 5D Arena answers

Quantrimang has instructed you how to participate in the 5D Arena event. This event will have a series of questions that you must answer. If you have difficulty finding the correct answer, this article will be a “helper” for you.

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What is 5D Arena?

The 5D Arena event is where you need to participate in answering questions about Lien Quan with other players. Answering correctly will help you receive puzzle pieces to receive drawing tickets. Through this, you can receive valuable in-game items such as 2-gold multiplier cards, name change cards, or even champion chests, costume chests…

You can learn more details about the event through the article below.

  • Instructions for participating in the 5D Arena event

Latest 5D Arena answers

To help you more easily win this event, below are the answers that Quantrimang collected and synthesized. Please refer to these answers BEFORE fighting other players.

1. Which player is the golden face in the “Check map” village?

  1. ProE
  2. ADC
  3. Lai Bang
  4. XB

2. What is the slogan of Telecom Winter 2022?

  1. Sports for the new generation
  2. Breakthrough
  3. Hype up: New Level
  4. Keep Fighting

3. “Winners are not winners” is the saying of which handsome player?

  1. SGP Bang
  2. HEV ShieldG
  3. FL XB
  4. VGM Quang Hai

4. Which team won the AIC 2022 championship?

  1. MAD Team
  2. Team Flash
  3. V Gaming
  4. Bacon Time

5. Up to now, how many members does the band WaVe have?

  1. 4 persons
  2. 5 people
  3. 6 people
  4. 7 people

6. Which gladiator general must slash east, west, south, and north at the enemy general to open the internal seal?

  1. Tachi
  2. Veres
  3. Errol
  4. Maloch

7. “Hello princess” is the saying that which player sent to MC Kim Ngan?

  1. BOX Daim
  2. FL ADC
  3. SGP Bang
  4. TDT Tuan Tran

8. Up to now, who is the female MC with the longest working time at Lien Quan Mobile?

  1. MC Phuong Thao
  2. MC Lyly Sury
  3. MC Kim Ngan
  4. MC Bao Hang

9. How many costumes in Lien Quan Mobile are inspired by Vietnamese culture?

  1. 2 outfits
  2. 3 outfits
  3. 4 outfits
  4. 5 outfits

10. What date was Lien Quan Mobile launched in Vietnam?

  1. November 21, 2016
  2. June 27, 2017
  3. November 15, 2016
  4. July 12, 2016

11. What is Florentino's birthday?

  1. December 9
  2. December 8
  3. December 7
  4. December 6

12. Who performed the song Glory Is Waiting For Me released in 2017?

  1. G.Ducky
  2. Soobin Hoang Son
  3. MC Phuong Thao
  4. There are no artists performing

13. Which of the following D's is not part of the 5 D's of the Winter 2022 Service Survey?

  1. Peak
  2. Level
  3. Countervailing
  4. Concentration

14. Who was Quillen's former subordinate in the dark prince's guild and the one who betrayed him?

  1. Veres
  2. Amily
  3. Mina
  4. Sinestrea

15. Up to now in Lien Quan Mobile, how many Dimension Guardian costumes are there?

  1. 3 outfits
  2. 4 outfits
  3. 5 outfits
  4. 6 outfits

16. Which piece of equipment is the most expensive in Lien Quan Mobile?

  1. Holy book
  2. Destroy the palace
  3. Fenrir Fang
  4. Nham Thuan

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17. FMVP AIC 2022 names which members of VGM?

  1. VGM Quang Hai
  2. VGM HoangTD
  3. VGM BirdLD
  4. VGM Maris

18. Who was considered the Dark Lord, but was later murdered by Tel'Annas?

  1. Maloch
  2. Volkath
  3. Omen
  4. Quillen

19. What is the official symbol of the Arena of Fame?

  1. Earn Fame
  2. Sword and Shield of Fame
  3. Fame Stone
  4. Cave of Fame

20. Which super rare outfit was chosen as a gift for the 5D Arena event?

  1. Thane Quang Vinh
  2. Trieu Van Doan Thien Thuong
  3. Mina Candy or Trickster
  4. Violet the Super Cat

21. Which general's move Soul Corps belongs to?

  1. Zuka
  2. Mina
  3. Kahill
  4. Grakk
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22. Up to the Winter 2022 finals, which team has the most DTV championship trophies?

  1. Team Flash
  2. V Gaming
  3. Saigon Phantom
  4. BOX Gaming

23. Which general can “override” other generals?

  1. Alice
  2. Natalia
  3. Krixi
  4. Aya

24. “Huhu, you guys bully me” is what general said?

  1. Alice
  2. Annette
  3. Arum
  4. Aya

25. Which commentator is associated with general Aoi's “turning victory into defeat” passive?

  1. Commentator Namsensei
  2. Commentator Huy Popper
  3. Commentator Hoang Son
  4. Commentator PS Man

26. Which complete shoe equipment is the cheapest in Lien Quan Mobile?

  1. Hermes shoes
  2. Resilient shoes
  3. Nomadic shoes
  4. Witch shoes

27. Which of the following generals has the least amount of costumes in Lien Quan Mobile?

  1. Helen
  2. Chaugnar
  3. Wiro
  4. Ata

28. How many attacks does Veres need to unlock Blood Chain passive?

  1. 4 times
  2. 3 times
  3. 2 times
  4. 1 times

29. Who is the general who lived in the deep forest since childhood so he had the ability to survive and adapt to circumstances very well?

  1. Amily
  2. Richter
  3. Kil'Groth
  4. Zuka

30. Who is the person who broke many objects in the laboratory and gave Max a headache because of his mischief?

  1. Celica
  2. Capheny
  3. Laville
  4. Wisp

31. Who guided the lesson plan “Green Thorne 3” in the War God Class series?

  1. BOX Daim
  2. FL Barin
  3. VGM Hoang TD
  4. HEV Triet

32. What is the value of FL.XB's Purgatory Shot at the AWC 2019 Finals that fans often joke about?

  1. 2.3 billion VND
  2. 3.6 billion VND
  3. 1.1 billion VND
  4. 4.5 billion VND

33. What is something that General Zip can swallow?

  1. Soldier
  2. Light Dragon
  3. Red charm
  4. The evil god Caesar

34. Which team in the Hall of Fame has not changed its lineup in the last 3 seasons?

  1. Team Flash
  2. BOX Gaming
  3. V Gaming
  4. Saigon Phantom

35. Which general is Sinestrea's core, flowing with the same blood, inseparably linked?

  1. Dextra
  2. Amily
  3. Cresht
  4. Veera

36. Among Lien Quan Mobile's cast of commentators below, who has ever been a professional player?

  1. Commentator Huy Popper
  2. Commentator Hong Quan
  3. Commentator PS Man
  4. Commentator Anh Dung

37. Which player on the evil Caesar path, although not nicknamed Prodigy, defeated prodigies at the AIC 2022 international tournament?

  1. SGP Bang
  2. FL Case
  3. VGM BirdLB
  4. VGM DHT

38. “A very beautiful lady, flowers make the moon shy” is a saying of which general?

  1. Allain
  2. Wiro
  3. Florentino
  4. Ryoma

39. And that's it, “V Gaming” is the famous saying of which commentator?

  1. Commentator Anh Dung
  2. Commentator Tung Hoa Mi
  3. Commentator Huy Popper
  4. Commentator Hoang Son

40. Which player is named the first megakill at the 2022 Winter Tour?

  1. FL Barin
  2. TDT Sa
  3. VGM Hoang TD
  4. SGP Red

41. Who is Hayate's sister?

  1. Airi
  2. Yena
  3. Capheny
  4. Roxie

42. Which team has won the international championship twice in one year, creating an unprecedented achievement in the Lien Quan Mobile world?

  1. MAD Team
  2. KFC x Talon
  3. Team Flash
  4. Flash Wolves

43. Who is the successor, the one who will continue the responsibility of protecting the sea of ​​soul flowers before Payna's departure?

  1. Krixi
  2. Ishar
  3. Helen
  4. Sephera

44. Who is the person Keera respects and loves the most in the Magic Parliament?

  1. Dirak
  2. D'arcy
  3. Sephera
  4. Annette

45. Who is the close friend of “jade princess” Yuee when they both practiced in the Dragon Kingdom?

  1. Krixi
  2. Yan
  3. Keera
  4. Qi

46. ​​Sword Tat Sat is the move of which general?

  1. Airi
  2. Zephys
  3. Allain
  4. Butterfly

47. “My sword is always sharp” is what general said?

  1. Airi
  2. Maloch
  3. Mina
  4. Tachi

48. In AIC 2021, how many games did VGM record as a record winning streak?

  1. 20
  2. 21
  3. 22
  4. 23

49. Who is the player instructing the lesson plan “Zuka Chaos Attack” in the series God of War?

  1. SGP Bang
  2. FL ADC
  3. HEV Judas
  4. VGM Quang Hai

50. In total, how many commentators and MCs will accompany the Winter 2022 TV show?

  1. 9
  2. ten
  3. 11
  4. twelfth

Hopefully with these answers, you will be able to win against other players and soon win attractive costumes of the event.

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