Instructions on how to play and outfit Terri for season S1 2023

After the appearance of new generals like Yan and Helen, Terri is the next name to appear in the Lien Quan arena. Let's find out more information about this general with Quantrimang.

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Terri's move set

Trieu Thuc Detail
Song Luan Spirit Hitting multiple targets 3 times with normal attacks and attacks will cause subsequent attacks to deal additional damage for 3 seconds.
Quang Minh Luan Teeri shoots targets within the designated range. Each bullet will damage and imprint on the target and slow them.
Xuyen Tam Luan Teeri accelerates and takes 4/5/6 times enhanced basic attacks that penetrate multiple targets. If you hit both targets, the slowing mark on the first target will be transferred to the rear target.
Lien Hoan Luan Teeri throws the weapon in the indicated direction. Every time an enemy champion is hit, it will fly for a distance and respond, then deal damage. When flying back, the weapon will deal additional slashing damage based on the number of enemy champions hit.

Terri - The 113th general of Lien Quan Mobile

How to increase Terri's skills

With the above skill set, Quantrimang recommends that players max skill 2 first. Therefore, the appropriate order to increase Terri's skills will be as shown below.

How to increase Terri's skills

Additional spells for Terri

As a gunner general, players can use support spells Flash or Express gives Terri increased mobility, making it easier to escape combat.

Suitable pearl palette for Terri season S1 2023

Setting up a rune table with high damage for Terri would be most appropriate. So players can proceed to build items according to the suggestions below.

  • Ruby: Critical rate +0.7%; Critical damage +3.6%
  • Purple gem: 7 Pills (Attack speed +1% Movement speed +1%) and 3 Pills (Lifesteal +1.6%)
  • Sapphire: Physical work +0.9 ; Armor penetration +6.4

The jade palette is suitable for Terri

Badge for General Terri season S1 2023

  • Details about the Lien Quan badge system
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As for badges, the two most suitable badges for this marksman general are Khoi Nguyen Citadel and Quang Minh Tower. As follows:

  • Main branch: Citadel of Origin: level 1 Ice Mist Sphere, level 2 Hunter, level 3 Metallurgy.
  • Sub-branch: Quang Minh Tower: level 1 Contrast, level 2 Secret.

Insignia for General Terri

How to outfit Gunner Terri for season S1 2023

For an ADC champion like Terri, the following items are considered the most appropriate. Include:

  • Nomadic shoes: +25% Attack Speed. +60 Movement speed.
  • Holy Sword: +100 Physical Attack. +25% crit, crit damage increased by 50%.
  • Twin swords and storms: +35% Attack Speed, +25% Critical Rate, +7% Movement Speed. Hurricane: Increases effect resistance by 35% for 2 seconds after a critical hit.
  • Destroying the palace: +50 Physical Attack, +30% Attack Speed, +10% Critical Rate. God Breaker: Normal attacks deal 50 physical damage (doubled for ranged champions). Penetration: Increases armor penetration by 20% (double for ranged champions).
  • Fafnir Sword: +60 Physical Attack, +30% Attack Speed, +10% Life Steal. Dragon Breath: Basic attacks deal additional physical damage equivalent to 8% of the target's current Health.
  • Guardian armor: +120 Armor. Helps you revive after 2 seconds at the place of defeat with 2000 health (+100 health per champion level).

How to equip Gunner Terri

Instructions on how to play Terri Lien Quan Mobile

Terri is a non-mobile general, so to be able to master this general, players need to pay attention to the following.

In the early stages of the game, players should try to farm all the minions in their Dragon lane to increase the amount of gold for themselves. Having all the necessary equipment will help players take full advantage of Terri's second passive.

In combat, players need to choose an appropriate standing position to maximize damage to enemy champions.

Players can use skill 1 to slow down the enemy, then activate skill 2 to change form and shoot continuously. Once the enemy has low health, you can turn on your ultimate to take them down.

In addition, you can also use your ultimate move before entering combat to poke the enemy's health. Next, use move 1 to slow down and then deal main damage through move 2 and regular attacks.

Above is what Quantrimang wants to introduce to players about general Terri. Hopefully it will help you more or less in the process of playing and experiencing this general.

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