How to defeat all bosses in The Last Of Us Part II

The Last of Us is a dark, gritty, ultra-violent game that thrives on gruesome realism. To that end, there are no cartoon-style boss battles with larger-than-life characters and giant health bars like previous Naughty Dog products, like Crash Bandicoot or Jak & Daxter .

While much of the game is about stealthily dodging large hordes of zombies or strategically taking out patrols of Wolves or Scars, there are a few moments when the game pits gamers against each other. Go head to head 1v1 with much stronger enemies.

This article will cover some essential general combat tips, which can help players get through regular gameplay but will be especially useful during The Last Of Us 2's special boss fights. Wear Although most battles in the game can be avoided if the player is stealthy and quiet enough, these bosses must be defeated to progress.

How to defeat all bosses in The Last Of Us 2

The Bloater

The first enemy is in one of the game's many flashbacks. Playing as young Ellie and assisted by Joel, the player needs to find their way through a hotel. After dispatching several enemies with relative ease, the player will be ambushed by a Bloater while jostling through a tight hallway. Despite being the weakest boss, because young Ellie has a less diverse arsenal, conserving ammo here becomes even more important.

The good thing about this boss fight is that Joel helps out a lot. As in the first game, Joel does most of the fighting while Ellie is involved, which means that even though you're controlling Ellie, the Bloater will attack Joel much more often.

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Joel won't die but he won't kill it either without Ellie's help. Stay out of Bloater's sight and leave it to Joel, while you take the headshots yourself. If it discovers you and chases you, run quickly.

Eventually, it will lose interest and go back to Joel. However, the battle ends with Bloater grabbing Ellie, only for Joel to drag it out and ultimately kill it. However, this is a scripted cutscene, so don't let it catch Ellie hoping Joel will defend her because he won't.

The Second Bloater

The second Bloater encounter, the player is playing as Ellie Day Three, so without Joel to help, will have to have enough tools to take it down. Throw Molotov Cocktail as soon as the battle starts to deal early damage and have time to hide.

If you are quick, you can fire a second shot, but this will reduce the escape time and you should be careful not to touch the fire from the first shot, as this reduces the damage over time.

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Although it is not possible to sneak up close to the Bloater for a stealth attack, the important thing is that it does not know where the player is and cannot attack. The arcade machines provide a lot of cover and will slow down the Bloater, so be sure to take advantage of them. Smoke bombs will also help in difficult situations.

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Once you have enough distance, there are two main ways to deal major damage: using a shotgun aimed at the head and Trip Mines, both of which require leaving your position. If you can get close to it, place the Trip Mine, shoot the shotgun at its head, and run. When it gives chase, it will activate the Trip Mine and that will give gamers a chance to hide. Repeat until it dies; by the time it runs out of shotgun ammo, it will hopefully be dead or weakened enough that the pistol and rifle can take care of the rest.

The Rat King

Although not the most important fight in the story POV, Rat King is known as the most remembered boss fight in The Last Of Us Part II. A giant, curled-up monster made up of undead zombies that morph together into a ball with arms and legs, The Rat King reminds players that The Last Of Us Part II is a terrifying game. weird.

There are several stages to this boss fight, but the first stage is simple: run and don't hit things, and keep up a sprint speed. Just be aware that there are plenty of twists and turns along the way, and if you find yourself faced with a door that won't open, everyone's going the wrong way. At this point, the player is dead, so when the camera switches angles for the kill shot, watch and look for the hallway you should have entered.

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The second phase puts the gamer in a room with The Rat King and provides refills for the flamethrower; Get that weapon minutes before finding The Rat King. The player pours the entire gas tank into the weapon, but this will not do enough damage to kill the boss and will leave everyone helpless to escape.

Instead, try firing a short shot (about 25) and running away. The room is dark, winding, and has too many chances for the player to get trapped, so just running aimlessly won't work. Try to stay in the central arena where it first crashed, or at least always try to return to that arena.

The game will lead everyone down a red tunnel, but this ends up being a dead end. Try rushing past The Rat King with a Pipe Bomb or flamethrower if you've gone too far from the starting point.

This is a boss battle that takes place at a fast pace, meaning gamers will have to constantly run, duck, jump up to shoot and then run again. Short bursts of flamethrowers, rifles or a quickly thrown Pipe Bomb are what should be done.

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