Vikings at War codes – Update 05/2024

Continue reading to find out Vikings at War for codes. A complete list of every new Vikings at War Codes to claim in your game. Released by SEAL.GAMES, Vikings at War is a game within .

In this post, we’re going to provide Vikings at War Codes. Make sure to bookmark this page and return to this page regularly for the most recent roster of valid codes.

Vikings at War codes  – Update 05/2024

Active Vikings at War code

Codes Rewards
NEW4162B8C7 Use this code to receive 500 gold reward
FAT495B71C4 Input this code to get 100 coin a reward
VIC6CB329FB Use this code to obtain 500 power your reward
SUB4656239F Redeem this code to get 500 token a reward
SUP67D286B1 Input this code to get 1000 EXP your reward
SUB17C27F02 Input this code to get 1000 EXP reward
FREE45F60B07 Use this code to get 100 cash a reward
NEW690E70EC Use this code to get 100 gems reward
TOY16678801 Redeem this code to get 100 token your reward
SVIP4D96CE70 Use this code to obtain 200 gems your reward

Vikings at War expired code

  • FAT1DE3C42F
  • SUB40D59B93
  • NEW2BA35ED2
  • VIC4473A164
  • SUP39841871
  • FREE2B01C77D
  • NEW2250B6BF
  • SUB3C04E013
  • LIV672FEFD2
  • FREE191A61C4
  • SUP3E4FC888

Vikings at War expired code

  • SUP6775BFA1
  • TWEET5C7A6269
  • SVIP4D5ED35E
  • LIV6A773D54
  • TOY6440BAE7
  • FAT1ABB6227
  • TOY40073FD8
  • TOYCBA5597
  • HOT3622643E
  • NEW4B80131B
  • SVIP3CB78B77

Vikings at War FAQ

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How can I use codes in Vikings at War

For code redemption in Vikings at War, you simply have to adhere to these steps:

1. Open up Vikings at War on your device.
2. Click on the Shop button located on the screen.
3. Scroll to the bottom of the Shop menu and locate the redemption area.
4. Duplicate a code from the available codes list.
5. Enter it into the text box designated.
6. Hit the Redeem button and receive your reward.

What are Vikings at War codes

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When it comes to codes and games like Vikings at War, you’ll notice that they typically offer bonus gifts that enable you to achieve greater advancement in the game. These almost always are usually single-use, so be certain to only claim them if you’re set to utilize them to the fullest. You will also want to use them quickly, as they might have an expiration date!

How can I find additional codes for Vikings at War

Our suggestion is to follow the official social accounts of the game on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Discord for the latest code releases. Most game developers establish community, Discord, or Twitter. Instagram or Facebook pages for the game are not often visible

When it comes to Vikings at War Codes , it’s advisable to keep an eye on their page on Discord server.

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Introducing Vikings at War

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Stars Rating 4.0star
Age Rate Rated for 12+
Release Date Aug 29, 2018
Download 1,000,000+ downloads
Game Publisher SEAL.GAMES

Play Vikings at War, a classic MMO strategy game, and enter the mysterious world of the Vikings. Battle with thousands of other players in an epic war for power. Raise your kingdom and become a living legend!”Land!”, yells the Jarl from the bow of the longboat. It took many days to cross a storm-lashed sea and reach your destination. As the fog lifts, you glimpse the shores of East Anglia. Many miles away from home, you are ready to do what is the trade of the Vikings: to plunder, pillage and conquer. However, this time it looks as if the Anglians are prepared to hold their ground. They stand along the coast with shield poised and swords drawn and await your landing. Hammering your fists on chests and shields with full power, you and your clan unleash an intimidating sound of war. You are ready to feast with the gods in Valhalla. But this time, Odin must wait. The end will come, and the world of gods and men shall wane. But not today! Not before you have claimed your victory! Not before bards shall sing about your deeds in their songs!Vikings at War is a classic construction and strategy MMO featuring PvE and PvP. You impersonate a fearless Viking warrior and manage a settlement. The game features an authentic medieval world with dozens of kingdoms and countries to raid and conquer. Striving for wealth and power, you send your ships in all directions. With the right tactics and strategy, your warriors will return on ships filled to bursting point with goods and gold. The treasures and loot of your raids help you to evolve your settlement into a big trade town. Band up with other players, form a clan and take part in challenging PvE and PvP fights. Win in events and climb the ranks, so that you can equip your avatar with decorative armor.Features:- Awesome builder and strategy game with more than 20 unique buildings and a rewarding trade system- An epic war strategy game featuring trainable Viking heroes and tactical challenges- Realistic Viking setting with music that befits the scene and stunning graphics- Competitive content featuring PvE, PvP and rewarded rankings. Measure yourself with other players!- Enjoy exciting content with events, clans, single & multiplayer battles, achievements, events, a ranking system and much more to explore- Join thousands of players across many platforms in a single shared MMO game world – There are no horned helmets here ;)Vikings at War is a free-2-play game with in-app-purchases and rewarded videos to speed up game progression.Thank you for playing our game! We are always striving to improve Vikings at War. If you have any suggestions or ideas, we are more than happy to hear from you through our support team.

The visuals in the Vikings at War

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