What is the Comparative Scale Difference Between ESO and Skyrim?

Initially released in 2014, the has since had many new areas added to the playable space in Tamriel and beyond. 

Being a part of the same franchise, ESO naturally draws comparisons to TES V: Skyrim, even though the two games are quite different in terms of how they play and their game systems (ESO is an MMO, Skyrim is not). 

One of the most common comparisons between the two games, as is the case with many comparisons between open-world games, is the size of the world in terms of how much space we have to explore, with players wondering if the ESO World Map is bigger than Skyrim’s, and if so by how much. 

A small part of Skyrim's game world
A small part of Skyrim’s game world

Is ESO’s Map Larger than Skyrim?

The answer to this question is definitely yes. While Skyrim, as you might expect, has more of Skyrim’s explorable locations, towns and dungeons in the game, the ESO Map now contains zones all across Tamriel, as well as some other locations such as Planes of Oblivion. 

Skyrim’s playable area measures up at around 37 square kilometers, certainly nothing to scoff at, but smaller than more recent open world games like . 

ESO’s playable space however is somewhere in the region of 400 square kilometers (a similar size to the country of Barbados), with Cyrodiil alone being around 100 square kilometers. 

ESO continues to grow year on year, with the Telvanni Peninsula and Hermaeus Mora’s realm of Apocrypha being the next areas planned to join ESO’s Map in June this year. 

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Update at 12:12 - 31/07/2023