The Immortal Empires of Warhammer III: The Hilarious Overpowering of Zombies

It looked like the Vampire Counts had received a significant nerf for Immortal Empires in Total War: Warhammer III. 

The most powerful way of playing them in Warhammer II was to spam armies of skeletons (which had no upkeep once you had researched a technology) to hold enemies in place, and then decimate their army with the overcasted Wind of Death spell. 

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Both of these aspects to the Vampire Counts were nerfed ready for Immortal Empires, but content creators with early access to Immortal Empires have showcased something pretty hilarious that is perhaps even more powerful.

A Unit of Zombies in Total War: Warhammer
A Unit of Zombies in Total War: Warhammer

Helman Ghorst’s Immortal Zombie Horde in Warhammer III

To understand how this works, we first have to understand how healing has been changed in Warhammer III compared to Warhammer II. Healing effects now yield a percentage based heal rather than a flat value, meaning that units with more hit points will get more healing from the same spell. Zombies have quite a lot of Hit Points, but are traditionally a very weak unit, only meant to be used as an expendable meat shield to waste the enemy’s time while your more powerful units (or spellcasters) dish out damage. 

Helman Ghorst in Total War: Warhammer
Helman Ghorst in Total War: Warhammer

Of course a unit’s healing is normally capped at 75% of its base health value, but Helman Ghorst, a Vampire Counts Legendary Lord who was largely overlooked in Warhammer II, has now been given the ability to boost the healing cap of zombies by an absurd amount. 

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According to his skill tree, he can boost their healing capacity by 550% in total, which is already a ridiculous amount. He also boosts the melee attack of zombies and can cast other spells to buff them further, turning usually weak units into reasonably formidable fighters. These buffs are factionwide, which means you don’t even need Helman Ghorst leading the army to make use of them. This army composition was showcased by a YouTuber by the name of Okoii, video below. 

However, another Total War YouTuber, LegendofTotalWar, then took a closer look at the army setup, and found that something seems to be bugged with this. The game is showing that the zombie units have a healing capacity in excess of 1.1 million HP, which effectively means that they can be infinitely healed in a battle. 

It seems likely that this will be fixed by the time Immortal Empires launches on August 23rd, but even if that’s the case, a boost to the healing capacity of 550% (and more from the Vampire Counts technology tree) is still going to be pretty powerful, meaning that a zombie horde led by Helman Ghorst could rival some of the most powerful armies that the Total War: Warhammer III can throw at you.

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Update at 3:44 - 01/08/2023