Guild Mechanics in Throne and Liberty: A Comprehensive Overview

Unsurprisingly for an MMORPG, is going to include guilds, created by players, which you will be able to join for various purposes. 

NCSoft haven’t released a huge amount of information about how guilds will work or what all of their functions will be, but we do know a few things about them. 

What we know about guilds in Throne and Liberty

Guilds in Throne and Liberty will be a collection of players who work together and help each other out. Based on other MMO games it seems possible that guilds will play some role in trading and selling items to other players, however this is not confirmed and it could instead be done with a centralized shop or auction house. 

A battle between guilds in Throne and Liberty
A battle between guilds in Throne and Liberty

What we do know for certain about the guilds in Throne and Liberty is that they will be able to participate in guild wars. There are two special resources that can only be obtained by guilds via guild wars – Blessing Stones and Dimension Stones. Together, the stones are called Possession Stones. 

Guilds will do battle with each other, with the victor obtaining the stone. The full list of abilities that these stones will grant has not yet been revealed, but we do know that they will unlock new features for guilds, and allow them to obtain rare materials and resources that will be vital for upgrading the guild’s capabilities. 

A Possession Stone in Throne and Liberty
A Possession Stone in Throne and Liberty

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A short preview of how guild wars will look in Throne and Liberty was shown during the Directors’ Preview, released a few weeks ago. The battles will involve large numbers of players on each side, roughly similar to the numbers seen in the Alliance War in the Elder Scrolls Online, for example. 

The Directors’ Preview emphasized the importance of strategy and clever usage of the environment in order to help your side to prevail in these battles. For example setting up solid defensive perimeters and utilizing features of the terrain, such as high ground and chokepoints to your advantage. 

Note that guild wars are not the only type of PvP expected to be available in Throne and Liberty. We also wrote about the other type of PvP , if you are curious.  

That’s pretty much all we know about the Guilds in for the time being, however we will publish further information whenever it is made available by NCSoft. 

Update at 12:12 - 31/07/2023