Do You Have a Passion for Powerful Firearms? Indulge in Darktide’s Ogryn’s Heavy Stubber

The Ogryn Skullbreaker is the perfect class in if you like smacking enemies around with brute force. The Ogryn isn’t just restricted to taking this approach in melee though – he also has a selection of “big guns” that you can use to devastate from a distance. 

My favorite Ogryn weapon has to be the biggest gun of them all – the Krourk Mk V Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber.

The Ogryn's Heavy Stubber weapon is huge!
The Ogryn’s Heavy Stubber weapon is huge!

What is the Heavy Stubber Weapon in Darktide?

The Heavy Stubber is essentially a huge heavy machine gun – the kind that would normally need to be fixed in place in some form of defensive bunker. The Ogryn’s great size and strength allows him to carry this weapon and use it wherever he wants. 

It comes with plenty of ammo and a very high rate of fire, however due to the size of the weapon it does take a couple of seconds to set it up and start firing, so you have to be mindful of positioning when using it. 

When Does the Heavy Stubber Shine?

All weapons in Darktide have (or at least should have) their strengths and weaknesses, and the Heavy Stubber is no different. 

This weapon is especially good at dispatching hordes with great efficiency, as it maintains decent accuracy at short and medium range, where it can dish out plenty of damage to unarmored enemies. 

The Heavy Stubber can also be used against some special enemies, provided they are not too far away from you, and it’s not too bad at taking on Monstrosities like the Plague Ogryn and Beast of Nurgle too. 

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The main weakness of the Heavy Stubber is its low accuracy at long ranges, and its poor armour piercing ability. Using the weapon against heavily armoured elite enemies like the Crusher is pretty much ineffective, so in those cases you’ll need to switch to melee. 

Ogryn Skullbreaker Heavy Stubber weapon
Ogryn Skullbreaker Heavy Stubber weapon

How to Get the Heavy Stubber in Darktide

The Heavy Stubber is currently only available for the Ogryn Skullbreaker, and you’ll unlock it once you reach level 9 with your Ogryn. Once you’ve reached that level, keep checking in the Armoury (it resets once per hour) and sooner or later the weapon will appear. 

The Ogryn has less weapons than any other class at the moment, so the odds are that at least one Heavy Stubber will show up in the store sooner rather than later. 

Ogryn Skullbreaker Heavy Stubber Weapon
Ogryn Skullbreaker Heavy Stubber Weapon

Tips and Tricks for the Heavy Stubber

The main thing to be mindful of with the Heavy Stubber (like many Ogryn ranged weapons) is that the high short-to-medium range damage comes at the cost of the weapon being quite slow and cumbersome. It takes a couple of seconds for the Ogryn to lift the weapon and begin aiming, so you’ll need to account for this when positioning your character in combat. 

It’s also worth being mindful that the reload time is quite long, and you don’t want to be caught out with this in an intense situation, so keep an eye on your ammo counter and reload whenever there isn’t much going on. 

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Update at 12:12 - 31/07/2023