DLC Price Increase in Crusader Kings III Sparks Outrage among Fans

Crusader Kings III has received a steady stream of new content since its initial release in September 2020, with one major DLC and two smaller flavor packs released since then. 

Players who haven’t bought the flavor packs but were planning to buy them at some point are in for some bad news though, as Paradox have today announced their intention to increase the price of these DLCs quite substantially. 

Huge Price Increases for Crusader Kings III Flavor Packs

Paradox today announced on their official forums and on their social media channels that the price of Crusader Kings III Flavor Packs would be increasing from 6.99 USD to 12.99 USD, almost doubling the price. 

To add insult to injury, this price increase will be retroactive, also affecting the already-released Northern Lords and Fate of Iberia Flavor Packs. 

These price increases will take effect on September 13th. 

Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords Flavor Pack
Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords Flavor Pack

Player Reaction to the Flavor Pack Price Increase

Some CK3 players were voicing their opinions on a thread on the Paradox Forums, where the news was initially announced. Unsurprisingly, people are not pleased. 

There were several comments asking for more information about why the price increase is happening, as the post from Paradox did not contain any context or reasoning behind the decision. 

There were also some voices saying that the two Flavor Packs that will have their prices retroactively increased simply do not have enough content to justify the new price level. 

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It will be interesting to see how this situation develops, and if the price hike will impact player interest in future DLCs for Crusader Kings III. 

Update at 3:44 - 01/08/2023