2022 Stellaris DLC Leaked through Unintentionally Published Wiki Article

A wiki article edit that was briefly available on the Stellaris wiki on the 30th of august 2022 referred to new DLC pack for Stellaris that is supposedly releasing this year.

Please be aware that this article will be mentioning both the supposed name and release date of this leaked DLC pack. So if you do not want to be spoilered, you can go ahead and close this article now.

Stellaris DLC Types

Stellaris DLC usually comes in three different variants: game expansions (i.e. Overlord, Nemesis), story packs (i.e. Distant Stars, Leviathans) and species packs (i.e. Aquatics, Necroids).

Since Overlord was a game expansion, and it was released in 2022 (12th of May), we cannot possibly expect the new DLC to also be a game expansion. They usually contain a large amount of changes and content. Releasing two of them so close together is highly improbable.

That leaves us with either a story pack or a species pack

The New DLC is called…

So, we have warned you about spoilers. This is the part of the article where we will be naming what the new DLC is supposedly named. The second 2022 Stellaris DLC is supposedly named “Toxoids” and will release on the 22nd of September 2022.

While a new story pack has been long overdue, we do believe Toxoids to be a species pack focussing on toxin-based lifeforms.

It is likely that they will come with new portraits, species traits, civics and origins. We may also be able to do something with toxic worlds, a planet type that cannot be inhabited in Stellaris at the moment.

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Paradox has become more creative with their species packs over the years. Lithoids, Necroids and Aquatics packed a lot more extra content than the species packs that came before them. It is safe to say that we will have some nice new content to enjoy in Stellaris over the autumn months.

It is likely we will learn more about this DLC on Thursday the 1st of September 2022, as the official Stellaris account tweeted about that specific date after the leak was discovered.

Update at 12:12 - 31/07/2023